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The Carey Article

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Original despatch, page 6
Page 6

Ka Eleele 6

As requested, one radio on board the Itasca kept a steady stream of A’s going out on key, useful to the fliers as a beam for direction finding and keeping a true course.

At 6:15 AM another yell from the radioman. We heard, “200 miles out,” as part of another message on phone, Earhart speaking again. Back went Itasca senders later, repeating requests for use f key instead of phones, asking for position, asking for speed of plane, asking, almost pleadingly, for information that would make things more definite than they actually had been up to this time. Before 7 AM, another message came in, “100 miles out,” and that was all again. Forgetting the indefiniteness, operations started immediately to take the official parties and protection groups ashore in surf boats. By 7:15 AM everybody was ashore, officers and men dressed in white uniforms

Page 6
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