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Ka Eleele 5

The listening period over, Itasca radios keyed and phoned back, “Itasca calling KHAQQ; Itasca calling KHAQQ. We have heard part of your message. We hear you. Static interfering, request you go on key. KHAQQ what is your position, what is your position?” Repeating this message during the time of the sending period, the group in the radioroom waited breathlessly for further news later. Contact had been established! Apparently, all was going all right with the world girdlers, but we still did not know their position. Officials of the party aboard explained that the pair were not more than 600 to 700 miles away, on the basis of the sending range of radio voice phones. It was recalled that Miss Earhart made contact in her flight from the mainland to Hawaii last March, using radio voice phones when she was out about 600 miles from her destination.

Page 5
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