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The Bones Chronology, Cont.
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61. July 3, 1941:  Note to file by Gallagher. MIN36.

B.U.     16.7.41.

The Secretary
   I have read the contents of this file with great interest. It does look as if the skeleton was that of some unfortunate native castaway and the sextant box and other curious articles found nearby the remains are quite possibly a few of his precious possessions which he managed to save.
   2. There was no evidence of any attempt to dig a well and the wretched man presumably died of thirst. Less than two miles away there is a small grove of coconut trees which would have been sufficient to keep him alive if he had only found it. He was separated from those trees, however, by an almost inpenetrable [sic] belt of bush.


62. July 16, 1941. Note to file. MIN37.
  26 8  
B.U. 16 7 41
63. August 8, 1941. Note to file. MIN38.

His Excellency File submitted as orally directed this morning.


64. August 8, 1941: Note to file by Luke. MIN39.

Sec., H.C.,

I return the sextant box which I had retrieved from Captain Nasmyth in order to show it to Mr. Gatty who has expert knowledge of such matters. Mr. Gatty thinks that the box is an English one of some age and judges that it was used latterly merely as a receptacle. He does not consider that it could in any circumstance have been a sextant box used in modern trans-Pacific aviation.

2. What was Captain Nasmyth’s opinion of it?


65. August 11, 1941: Note to file by McDonald. MIN40.

The Secretary

   WRT (39), para. 2, I have spoken to Captain Nasmyth who replied as follows:- “As the sextant box has no distinguishing marks, & since it was discovered that no sextant had been found, all I have been able to find out is that the make of the box – that is the dovetailing of the corners – makes it appear to be of French origin.”


66. August 13, 1941: Note to file. Seen by Luke on August 19. MIN41.


Seen. Ta.
HL 19.8.41

67. No date: Note to file. MIN42.


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