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The Bones Chronology, Cont.
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41. March 31, 1941:  Note in file to Principal, CMS. MIN20.

Principal C.M.S.

The entries in this file will put us in possession of the known facts concerning certain human remains which will be sent to you, probably after 1/4, for general examination and later report.


42. April 4, 1941. Report on Portion of a Human Skeleton by D.W. Hoodless, Principal, C.M.S. WPHC11.

I have to-day examined a collection of bones forming part of a human skeleton. These bones were delivered to me in a closed wooden box by Mr. P.D.Macdonald of the Western Pacific High Commission.

2... The bones included:– (1) a skull with the right zygoma and malar bones broken off: (2) mandible with only four teeth in position: (3) part of the right scapula: (4) the first thoracic vertebra: (5) portion of a rib (? 2nd right rib): (6) left humerus: (7) right radius: (8) right innominate bone: (9) right femur: (10) left femur: (11) right tibia: (12) right fibula: and (13) the right scaphoid bone of the foot.

3... From this list it is seen that less than half of the total skeleton is available for examination.

4... All these bones are very weather-beaten and have been exposed to the open air for a considerable time. Except in one or two small areas all traces of muscular attachments and the various ridges and prominences have been obliterated.

5... By taking measurements of the length of the femur, tibia and the humerus I estimate that these bones belonged to a skeleton of total height of 5 feet 5 inches approximately.

6... From the half sub-pubic angle of the right innominate bone, the “set” of the two femora, and the ratio of the circumferences of the long bones to their individual lengths it may be definitely stated that the skeleton is that of a MALE.

7... Owing to the weather-beaten condition of all the bones it is impossible to be dogmatic in regard to the age of theperson at the time of death, but I am of the opinion that he was not less than 45 years of age and that probably he was older: say between 45 and 55 years.

8... I am not prepared to give an opinion on the race or nationality of this skeleton, except to state that it is probably not that of a pure South Sea Islander---Micronesian or Polynesian. It could be that of a short, stocky, muscular European, or even a half-caste, or person of mixed European descent.

9... If further details are necessary I an [sic] prepared to take detailed and exact measurements of the prinipal bones in this collection, and to work out the various indices (e.g. the platymeric index for the femur or the cnemic index for the tibia) but if such a detailed report is required the obvious course to adopt would be to submit these bones to the Anthropological Dept of the Sydney University where Professor Elkin would be only too pleased to make a further report.

D.W. Hoodless
Central Medical School

4th April, 1941.

42B. Measurements of bones. WPHC11B.

1. Orbital width  38.5mm
2. Orbital height 33.5mm

Orbital index + O.H. x 100/O.W = 3350/38.5 = 87.0

This indicates a European -
(Polynesians are above 89.0)


3. Length  182 mm
4. Breadth 137 mm

Cephalic index B x 100/L = 13700/182 = 75.3

This indicates also a European.

Karl Pearson's formula for stature.

5. S = 70641 + 2.894 x H

   Humerus is 32.4   ∴ height is 163.406 cms
                               = 5 ft 4.3 in.

6. S = 78.664 + 2.376 x T

       Tibia = 37.2  ∴ height is 167.051 cms
                               = 5 ft 5.7 in

7. S= 89.925 + 3.271 x R

      Radius = 24.5   ∴ height is 170.064
                                = 5 ft 6.5 in.

        Average of these three measurements
               is 5 ft. 5.5 inches.

D.W. Hoodless
4th April 1941

43. April 5, 1941. Note to file from Hoodless. MIN21.

My report on these bones is enclosed. I will take charge of these bones until it is decided what to do with them.

DW Hoodless

44. April 7, 1941: Note to file from Hemmings. MIN22.

Mr. Secretary

My final report from Dr. Hoodless is enclosed at 11. Do you wish to take the further action he mentions?


45. April 11, 1941: Note from Vaskess to Luke. MIN23.

His Excellency,

Submitted with 10 and 11 and minutes (20) to (22) above. The report 11 appears definitely to indicate that the skeleton cannot be that of the late Amelia Earhart, but Y.E. may wish action taken as suggested in paragraph 9 of 11 although it does not seem possible that any useful purpose will be served by proceeding farther.

2. The sextant box with its contents is now with me. Perhaps Captain Naysmyth might be will to examine this with a view to ascertaining the origin?

H. Vaskess

46. April 4, 1941. Note from Luke to Vaskess. MN24.


Pl ask CMA to convey my thanks to Dr. Hoodless for his report and the trouble he has taken in this matter and to request him to retain the remains until farther notice.

2. Pl ask Captain Naysmyth orally if he can throw any light on the origin of the sextant.

Then to me again.


47. April 4, 1941. Vaskess to Macpherson. MIN25.

The Central Medical Authority,

With His Excellency’s minute (24) above (paragraph 1). Would you be so good as to take action accordingly?

2. I should be grateful if the file could be returned early for further action.

H Vaskess
Secretary, W.P.H.C

48. April 10, 1941: Macpherson to Hoodless. MIN26.

Principal C.M.S.

Please see para 1 of (24)

D.C.M. Macpherson
for CMA

49.  April 17 1941: Hoodless to Macpherson. MIN27.


Noted - thank you.

DW Hoodless

50. April 18, 1941: Macpherson to Vaskess. MIN28.

Secy. W.P.H.C.

Returned to you. I have read Dr. Hoodless’ report with interest and agree with his conclusions.

D.M. Macpherson
A.D.M.S. Fiji

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