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Author Topic: Wire & Rope  (Read 332199 times)

Tim Mellon

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Re: Wire & Rope
« Reply #315 on: November 23, 2012, 01:57:42 PM »

Mr. Mellon, I see a lot of WE in your comment.  Would you kindly inform us of who "we" is?  It appears that you have no confidence in Jeff Glickman nor his ability to evaluate HD Video yet you have "ad nauseum" (your words) for months now posted many of your interpretations.  Jeff Glickman unnecessarily posted his CV, IMO, so where is yours, and what is your expertise in evaluating these videos?  Last but not least what is your interest in finding the Electra aside from the financial assistance you apparently have provided TIGHAR or, are you just trying to protect your investment?

Royal WE, Bob. "I", if you prefer.

Jeff Glickman obviously cannot pass judgement on anything he has not yet seen, wouldn't you agree?

My investment was in finding the truth. My interest in finding the Electra relates to the fact that Amelia Earhart worked for my company, Boston and Maine Railroad. With two partners, she helped form Boston Maine Airways, which was a joint venture between Boston and Maine Railroad and Maine Central Railway. Both of these railroads are now subsidiaries of Pan American Railways, itself a subsidiary of Pan Am Systems. I am the Chariman and CEO of Pan Am Systems. Fred Noonan worked for Pan American World Airlines, another subsidiary. In addition, our company built two buildings of condominiums on an unused rail yard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, part of Northpoint. Both buildings have addresses on Earhart Street, a name which we suggested to the Cambridge City Planning Board.

Like most others here, I claim absolutely no expertise. But I do have two good eyes, and I report what I think I can see. I do have the experience of watching underwater video for nine days in July. And you?

Chairman,  CEO
PanAm Systems

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Ric Gillespie

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Re: Wire & Rope
« Reply #316 on: November 23, 2012, 06:04:09 PM »

Mr. Mellon did not make an investment.  You can't "invest" in a non-profit. Mr. Mellon made a significant financial contribution to the Niku VII expedition.  All he got for his money was a boat ride, a tax deduction, and whatever benefit there may be to him personally in being part of this historic investigation.  I am grateful for his contribution as I am for all contributions toward TIGHAR's work.  I don't know whether the things Tim sees in the videos are what he thinks they are, but I also know that I'm not qualified to judge.  That's why I asked Jeff if he would meet with Tim.  Jeff graciously agreed.  No money will change hands.  This meeting is a courtesy that TIGHAR and Jeff Glickman are extending to Tim Mellon in recognition of his past support and continued interest in the project.

Their meeting is only a little over two weeks away and this thread is no longer accomplishing anything meaningful.
This thread is now locked.  We can all look forward to Tim opening a new thread after his meeting with Jeff to tell us how it went.
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