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Author Topic: Betty's Notebook, Page 53, S309 165E  (Read 171272 times)

Malcolm McKay

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Re: Betty's Notebook, Page 53, S309 165E
« Reply #45 on: July 17, 2012, 06:34:29 AM »

And remember, in the whole hour and half tht Betty was listening Earhart never uttered the words "Gardner" nor "Phoenix," words that an authentic emergency message from Amelia on Gardner should have contained.
So I ain't buying it.


She actually doesn't even mention an island - just water rising.

I wonder also about the mention of  "can't bail out" could that be a reference to being unable to bail the water out rather than anything to do with a parachute. In which case is this a reenactment on a news show dramatizing a landing at sea, given that the mention of water above knee high suggests that in reality the electrics wouldn't be functioning - probably something a news program would not be aware of. Sounds like a Hollywood sound stage - perhaps the one they shot the Apollo 11 landing on the moon on  ;D (Only kidding folks)
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