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Author Topic: Finding Amelia by Ric Gillespie  (Read 61889 times)


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Re: Finding Amelia by Ric Gillespie
« Reply #45 on: September 03, 2014, 06:41:21 AM »

Was there a good response to Literary Guild II?  Can you say how many sign-ups there were?  I know you got a great response on the earlier effort. 

I realize it must be problematic to sort out 'where to stop and tell', etc., but my thought was that since this was to be the second installment in a trilogy (as I understood the discussion upstring here) maybe this was a good place.  The 'final' installment was one you seemed to hope for once 'the find of the century' (my term  ;)) was made.  As to this phase, I think it is understood that 'things change' as knowledge is gained - but that's true since "Finding Amelia" was written, isn't it?

So my wondering was simply that we seem to be somewhere in that middle place, not withstanding 2-2-V-1 which seems front and center at the moment, of course.  And of course we hope that truly pans out - but as you've pointed out, it has to be digestable by independent and well-qualified authorities who can help make the case that the general public can swallow (like a certain southern politician used to put it - "get it down where the goats can get at it"). 

But it also seems there's distance yet to go, regardless - it's clear that the definitive expedition is still desired so as to lay hands on the true grail, but that remains elusive for now.  It occurred to me that this intersection of things might provide a window somehow.
- Jeff Neville

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