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Author Topic: Funding ideas, project approach and means of finding assistance.  (Read 51189 times)

Bob Smith

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Re: Funding ideas, project approach and means of finding assistance.
« Reply #60 on: September 20, 2015, 06:52:19 PM »

For ideas on new equipment for the next expedition, go to decommissioned subs, or personal subs, or similar on your friendly computer browser.
Bob S.

Craig Romig

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Re: Funding ideas, project approach and means of finding assistance.
« Reply #61 on: September 20, 2015, 10:07:38 PM »

I'm gonna go off on the reef edge with this one but think it has alot of potential. It possesses alot of family time with also community effort and support and big corporations or big businesses like this as a whole. Gives all of those good pr per say and everyone comes out ahead. As many of you know, Ric and several TIGHAR members visited Newton, Kansas to see a replica of the Lockheed Electra. From what I have gathered it has been quite the task. It would be nice if that actual Lockheed Electra can be displayed for a short spell, before heading back overseas. Kinda of like a learning tool or museum. I also, think that by using all the aviation companies in would be neat to have say two weeks or three days on a weekend to have a festival to commemorate flight as a whole, and at the same time use Amelia and Tighar as the topic of subject. It would be neat to have everyone involved to learn alot about not only the Lockheed Electra but flight and airplanes as a whole. It will bring out an interest of flight to young teenagers abroad. Anyway, at the same time companies would give monetary support in return of good pr. Anyway, the good city of Wichita always thrives off of stuff last night!

1. Setup a centralized location to have an event. Setup a fee for entrance into an event or a multi-day pass.
2. Make it fun for young and old and those questioning minds!
3. Invite those in the community to participate with food and vending and etc.
4. Ric could have a workshop or workshops to tell the Amelia story in his eyes.
5. In the long run, corporations can give substantial sums of money as a monetary donation, and at the same time get a
    good tax write off.
Just plan it with a special time. Anniversary or whatever. Amelia's birthday etc.
Newton is 15 mi north of Wichita. Spirt across from mcconnel is very close to the south Wichita city limits. Just fyi. I lived at the end of the runway for awhile.
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