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Author Topic: Flying by Faith....  (Read 3973 times)

Randy Conrad

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Flying by Faith....
« on: April 15, 2014, 11:24:07 PM »

Hey Guys!!! Sorry I haven't been in the mix of things lately. Been fighting sinus issues and watching the coverage non-stop of flight MH-370. Anyway, during this time...been doing some thinking on what could have possibly gone wrong with this flight! First of all, if you think about it...even though the 777 is alot bigger than the Electra...both aircrafts at some point endured a time where they were flying blind or as we say blind faith! I believe Amelia and Fred and the other two pilots might have been in this same situation. Amelia and Fred relied on their compass, their radio, gas gauge, sextant, and the stars. They didn't have high tech computers...Just their faith and guts to get them from Point A to Point B. The Malaysian pilots had a bigger plane (777) and 239 passengers to worry about. Bigger plane comes bigger responsibilities!
   However, again what was going on in the early hours that would cause a plane to turn around and start flying all over the place with no sense of direction. Did the pilot lose his digital and video gauges all together? What about communication? Apparently, as far as we know certain parameters were shut off or were they? In recent days, it has become evident that the co-pilot was attempting to make a cell call or left his phone on. Apparently, this data was taken from a cell tower over Malaysia. If this be the case...whose to say that the pilots were flying all over the place trying to locate a cell tower to get help with? Also, and this is for Tim and others who are expert pilots....but what's it like to fly a plane such as a 777 when you have no gauges, total darkness, no lights on the front of the plane, and just an auto-pilot. Can it be done....and here's my biggest question since seein Ric on this infamous panel of characters on the late news...but do airplanes such as a 777 have WI-FI capablity and is it possible to control the plane through the main frame computer through a laptop? Can someone other than the pilot steer the plane away from its main course by tapping into the main frame computer by using a laptop? Anyway, just like Amelia and Fred's flight 76 years  ago...this too has alot of if's and but's to be solved. Indeed a great mystery to be solved!!!!
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