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Author Topic: National Geographic and Amelia  (Read 7720 times)

Jeff Victor Hayden

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National Geographic and Amelia
« on: December 07, 2013, 08:04:27 PM »

I hadn't realised the extent of AE's involvement with The National Geographic Society during her flying career and am suitably impressed. Here's just a few examples for starters...

100 Years of Flight: From the National Geographic Archives
Read Amelia Earhart's 1932 acceptance speech when President Herbert Hoover awarded her the Society's Special Medal for being the first woman to make a solo transatlantic crossing.

In 1932 the National Geographic Society awarded its Gold Medal to Amelia Earhart for becoming the first woman (and the only person since Charles Lindbergh) to achieve a solo transatlantic flight.

EARHART, Amelia and WILLIAMS, Clarence S. Navigational Archive for 1935 Honolulu to Mainland U.S. Flight, including photostat navigational plans and charts prepared for Earhart’s flight, framed with three pages from Earhart’s article “My Flight from Hawaii,” in National Geographic magazine, May 1935. Together with a complete issue of National Geographic for May 1935. Los Angeles: Clarence S. Williams, Consultant in Navigation, December 22-28, 1934. Two large framed pieces, each with multiple matted items (photostat navigational charts and plans, three pages from National Geographic magazine article, and a photograph)

National Geographic Magazine May 1935, Vol. LXVII (67), No. Five (5) My Flight from Hawaii By Amelia Earhart, Waves & Thrills at Waikiki, 8 Illustrations in Duotone By Surfer, Tom Blake Aka Thomas Edward Blake One of Him Pictured on Beach with Him & Som
article or Entries or Photos By Amelia Earhart, , Contents: Twenty-Four Pages of Illustrations in Full Color, 8 Illustrations in Duotone By Surfer, Tom Blake Aka Thomas Edward Blake , Maps, Other Photos or Articles By George Palmer Putnam, George Oti

Published by National Geographic Society, 1935

I wonder if she ever had a free subscription to the National Geographic magazine, wouldn't be too far fetched would it? If she caught a glimpse of the December 1936 edition she would even know the names of the all the Islands in the Phoenix group, and their locations...

"Appearing in the December 1936 issue of the National Geographic Magazine, this Pacific Ocean map has been reproduced from its original cartography in order to bring to life a beautiful poster previously only seen in National Geographic Magazine.
Explore the islands and coastlines of the Pacific with this thorough map of the region. With inset maps of dozens of islands and instructive details such as ship routes, naval bases, time zone boundaries and more, this map makes a wonderful collectors piece. Published in December 1936, it accompanied an article entitled "Flying the Pacific." The 1936 Pacific Ocean map features:• Border maps of dozens of islands including the Bismarck Archipelago, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Fiji, the Hawaiian Islands, the Galapagos Islands, and the Aleutian Islands• Naval bases• Time zone boundaries and clocks showing the time when it is midnight at Greenwich• Airline distances in statute miles• Thousands of place names including capitals, cities, and towns• Principal ship routes and railways• Geographical features including mountains, swampy regions, glaciers, reefs and sand."

Not bad at all, maybe Fred caught a glimpse as well over her shoulder, although being an experienced sea- farer and Pan Am Pacific navigator he might have had an inkling as to what they were called and, where they were.

Amelia and Mrs. Mantz
National Geographic magazine, May, 1935

This must be the place
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