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Author Topic: Soles and Footprints  (Read 4740 times)

Randy Conrad

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Soles and Footprints
« on: August 02, 2013, 01:24:13 AM »

It's early Friday morning, and I just ran across an internet article pertaininig to the recent photos found in the tin can in New Zealand. First of all this is very exciting for TIGHAR and all those who believe in Ric, Jeff, and the rest of those working tiredlessly to find the elusive smoking gun. Anyway, the article it mentions that in the series of some 40 photographs that a set of footprints was shown in one or more of the photographs. Now whether this is true or not...the question has arisen...Is it possible for a photograph of footprints to be compared to actual soles found on Niku many years ago (ones displayed at the Conference in D.C.). What I was curious about is if Jeff has the capability of laying an image of footprints over an existing sole found on the island? Is this feasible? If an existing photograph or photographs do exist of would be wild and exciting to see if those soles found on the island are a definate match to the photos!!!

Matt Revington

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Re: Soles and Footprints
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2013, 06:40:27 AM »

Randy I think that some of those news reports confused the idea of seeing footpaths made by the castaway with footprints, which wouldn't have survived the at least 14 months time period between the death of the castaway and the time the photos were taken, in any case footprints almost certainly could not be resolved from the altitude the pictures were taken
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