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Author Topic: DNA Search Group  (Read 6552 times)

Michael Elliot

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DNA Search Group
« on: March 07, 2013, 09:32:25 PM »

re. DNA, may I suggest you consider some low probability, but high impact (LPHI) scenarios.

Number One is:

The bones were sent out of Fiji for a second opinion and maybe we can find them.
The object is to find extant persons who are the heirs or assigns of the persons who were known, or could have been known to David Winn HOODLESS, who had forensic skills re. identification of partial skeletal remains.

Do you think it would be possible to ask the forum if there are a few who would like to volunteer to help me. In this scenario, we’d need persons with experience in genealogical research in AUS, NZ, UK,  Samoa and Hawaii. We’d also like to have persons on the ground in Auckland, Sydney, Apia, and Oahu who can visit public record offices and run down copies of wills. And as we’ll need a list of forensic experts who were posted to Fiji in WW-II: Brits, Amis, Aus & NZs, etc, can we obtain a US Navy contact for access to USN archives?

Most communication would be direct email, off-list.

The end product would be names and addresses of persons who you (Ric) can ask:

Do you have a box made of wood containing bones in your warehouse, archive, cemetery, garage, attic, etc? If yes, do they match the description . . . ?

I can envision having to run down 40-60 persons.

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