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Author Topic: Thirteen Bones - raised questions; Dr King's Blog  (Read 8016 times)

Chris Johnson

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Thirteen Bones - raised questions; Dr King's Blog
« on: January 28, 2010, 06:01:38 AM »

Received my copy yesterday from Amazon.

Enjoying it very much so far and love the way that the mystery weaves its way with the colonization.  It does raise some questions though;

1. If the crabs can eat you alive what would a casterway do to keep them off them?

2. Water! You need this to live so even if you have food you can die from dehydration.  What sources of water would the casterway have? - from the Norwich City camp(s), did the Arundal buildings have some kind of cystern? Could a casterway have dug a well and if so would this be a identifiable feature at the 7 site? Would the Norwich City have had water tanks? Could they have built a basic water still?

3. Human Waste! The book confirms something i remebered from reading the book 'sexlives of cannibals' about Kiribati latrine habits and how they make sure waste dosn't contaminate the island.  This possibly narrows the source of human waste at the 7 site down.  Regarding human waste do we know how the crabs interact with it? Do they ignore it or 'make use' of it?  If they ignore it then is there a likly hood that a western female casterway may have hade a latrine at the camp? of course this would just be a  shallow hole in the coral rubble.

Looking forward to reading some more tonight as the images on Tighars website help me paint a good picture with the narrative.
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