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August 21 through August 25

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About the Field School

In a day of introductory classroom work followed by four days in the field, participants will learned the principles and basic techniques for finding, examining, and evaluating historic crash sites. Completion of the Field School is a requirement to be eligible for selection for TIGHAR expedition teams.

The subject aircraft for the 2013 Field School was Lockheed NC14935. The Northwest Airlines Model 10A Electra iced up and crashed December 18, 1936 near Kellogg, Idaho during an airmail flight from Missoula, Montana to Spokane, Washington. Pilot and copilot died on impact and their bodies were later recovered. There were no passengers aboard. Some of the wreckage was later salvaged but much – and it’s not entirely clear how much – still remains on the site. The wreck is of particular interest to TIGHAR as a rare source of information about Electra structures and how they react under stress.


Previous Years’ Field Schools

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Loon Lake, Idaho, 2000 crash site
Sierra Nevada Hills, California, 2001 wreckage
Boron, California, 2002 flying wing
College Park, Maryland, 2005 CP site

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