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Our most important question is whether any of the artifacts found at the Seven Site provide clues to the identity of the castaway – and this is where we need your help. Some of the artifacts shown and described below are distinctly technological in nature and seem to be entirely out of place at the Seven Site. Perhaps they all come from the same instrument, machine or device – perhaps not. Once identified, it may become obvious that their source was the colonists or the Coast Guard, or we may discover that we have something far more interesting.

Please look at them and think about them. If you have a hunch, check it out. If you think you can identify one or more of them, please go to the TIGHAR Forum.

Artifact #2-6-S-43


Artifact #2-6-S-21F


Artifact 2-6-S-32


Artifact #2-6-S-45


Artifact #2-6-S-03A


Artifact 2-6-S-03B


Artifact #2-6-S-46


Grid map thumbnailEach artifact is presented on its own page, with photos and information, including materials analysis, the location where it was found, and discussion. The location is a set of coordinates for a grid map. If you click on the coordinates, the map will open in a new window. If you click on the thumbnail at right that will also open the map. The map is quite large and will take a while to load. It is a KAP photo of the Seven Site with the artifacts pinpointed, a legend, and the grid.

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