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Surviving Electras TIGHAR knows about are as follows:

1. c/n: 1005
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 10/25/34
  Status: Partial
  Condition: Unrecovered wreckage
  Owner: Myles Carter, Carter Air Service
  Location: Hay River, Northern Territories, Canada

(Note: Owner planned recovery in 1999. Not known if recovery was accomplished.)

2. c/n: 1011
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 12/21/34
  Status: Mostly original to last operational use.
  Condition: Assembled and relatively complete. Outdoor storage.
  Owner: Pima Air Musuem
  Location: Tucson, Arizona

3. c/n: 1015
  Model: 10A, later converted to 10E configuration
  Delivered: 3/7/35
  Status: Rehabilitation modified to resemble NR16020.
  Condition: Airworthy
  Owner: Michael Kammerer
  Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

4. c/n: 1026
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 6/10/35
  Status: Original to last operational use.
  Condition: Assembled and displayed. Indoor storage.
  Owner: Fred Patterson
  Location: Western Aerospace Museum, Oakland, California

5. c/n: 1037
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 9/24/35
  Status: Original to last operational use (?)
  Condition: Excellent
  Owner: Displayed at the Science Museum
  Location: London

6. c/n: 1042
  Model: 10E
  Delivered: 12/6/35
  Status: Undergoing rehabilitation as replica of NR16020.
  Condition: Had been damaged in fire. Now roughly 80% rebuilt.
  Owner: Grace MacGuire
  Location: Oldbridge, New Jersey

(Note: This is the only 10E known to survive.)

7. c/n: 1052
  Model: 10A (XR20-1)
  Delivered: 2/19/36
  Status: Undergoing rebuild
  Condition: Partially assembled. Indoor storage.
  Owner: New England Air Museum
  Location: Windsor Locks, Connecticut

8. c/n: 1091
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 4/16/37
  Status: Rehabilitated with many modifications.
  Condition: Airworthy. Indoor storage.
  Owner: Dr. James Almond
  Location: Denton, Texas

9. c/n: 1095
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 4/20/37
  Status: Partial
  Condition: Displayed as a cut-away fuselage.
  Owner: Museum of Technology & Transport
  Location: Auckland, New Zealand

10. c/n: 1107
  Model: 10B
  Delivered: 7/8/37
  Status: ?
  Condition: ?
  Owner: Marshall Airways Museum
  Location: Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia

11. c/n: 1112
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 10/1/37
  Status: Reconstruction
  Condition: Assembled and displayed. Indoor storage.
  Owner: Canadian National Aeronautical Collection
  Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

12. c/n: 1116
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 10/13/37
  Status: Rehabilitation
  Condition: Airworthy
  Owner: Air Canada
  Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

13. c/n: 1130
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 10/17/38
  Status: Partially rebuilt as replica of NR16020
  Condition: Disassembled and stripped. Indoor storage.
  Owner: Emil Buehler Foundation
  Location: National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Florida

14. c/n: 1138
  Model: 10A
  Delivered: 8/26/39
  Status: Painted as c/n 1095
  Condition: Assembled and displayed
  Owner: Museum of Technology & Transport
  Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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