Forum logo Isn’t it possible that Earhart could have been captured by the Japanese?

Possible? Yes. It is also possible that she was kidnapped by space aliens. There just isn’t any evidence to suggest that either event occured. The trouble with all of the many eyewitness accounts of a woman thought to be Earhart being captured, imprisoned, executed, etc., by the Japanese is that there is little or no agreement about where or when or how this was supposed to have happened. All the stories are different and there is not the first shred of real evidence to support any of them. No documents, no photographs, no artifacts, no human remains – just stories. Various authors have presented documents, photos, artifacts, and even human remains to support their claims, but in each and every case the evidence has proven to be false, misrepresented, or so vague as to be meaningless.

What the historical record does show is that it was a physical impossibility for the Earhart flight to have reached territory controlled by Japan and, even if it had, there was nothing there to spy on in 1937, and no military to capture her for spying on something that wasn’t there.

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