Dates Item Subject Remarks
29 April 1935 PanAm Memo Internal memo from Pan American Airways by Fred Noonan. Describes navigational methods.
19 May 1937 Aircraft Inspection Report Bureau of Air Commerce inspection report following the repairs to the Electra.  
18 June to 24 July, 1937 Report of the Tenth Cruise to the American Equatorial Islands Richard Black's report to the Department of the Interior; excerpt covers the Earhart Loss and Search.  
23 June to 5 July 1937 Daily Journal of James Kamakaiwi Radio operator on Howland Island during the flight and search.  
5 July to 11 July 1937 Colorado News Sheets News sheets, internal to the Colorado, duplicated and distributed to the crew during the Earhart cruise.  
19 July 1937 Radio Transcripts Earhart Flight Transcripts submitted by CDR Warner Thompson, USCG, commanding Itasca.  
20 July 1937 Report of Earhart Search Forwarded by J. S. Dowell, Commanding Lexington Group. Includes exhaustive report by Capt. Noyes, more extensive than that shown below.
24 July 1937 Cruise Report, USCGC Itasca Embracing Earhart flight and Equatorial Islands cruise, by Warner Thompson, commanding Itasca.  
29 July 1937 Report of Earhart Search Operations Report by Captain Leigh Noyes, commanding U.S.S. Lexington.  
31 July 1937 Report of Earhart Search Full report to CNO by Admiral Murfin, in command of the entire search.  
18 September 1937 Extract from a report from the Captain of H.M.S. Leith Reporting, among other things, on the delivery of a new radio to Hull Island.  
19 November 1937 Colonization of the Phoenix Islands (excerpt) Report by H.E. Maude on the establishment of the Nikumaroro colony.  
22 March 1938 Pan American Airways Report on Proposed Joint Rescue Plan Report by Capt. Stanley Parker USCG on a proposal by PanAm to formulate a joint rescue plan.  
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