Dates Item Subject Remarks
1 Jul 1937 to 17 Jul 1937 Ship’s Log, U.S.S. Colorado Covering the dispatch, search, and return of the Colorado.  
1 Jul 1937 to 12 July 1937 USCGC Itasca Deck Log Deck log before and during the final flight. Some elements are transcriptions.
1 July 1937 Itasca Radio Log, Position One Administrative and routine traffic. This position was supposed to handle all routine traffic, but did listen for Earhart as well.
1 July 1937 through 7 July 1937 Itasca Radio Log, Position Two Earhart-related traffic.  
1 July 1937 to 2 July 1937 Itasca Radio Log, Position Two, Raw Raw log (unsmoothed) for position 2.  
1 July 1937 through 13 July 1937 Howland Island Radio Log Log of station on Howland Island.  
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