These links are to articles on Amelia Earhart and the Earhart Project that have appeared in TIGHAR Tracks and are available on line.
General Research
Sixty Years is Long Enough to Wait Overview of project as of December 1995 12/95
Things Not Said Analysis of some of the radio message heard by Itasca 12/95
A View to the Sea Analysis of openings in beach vegetation on Nikumaroro 12/95
The Crash at Sydney Island WWII aircraft crash on Sydney Island thought to be a source for some of the materials found on Nikumaroro 3/96
Finding Amelia Overview 9/96
Log Jam Analysis of Itasca radio logs 9/96
Paradise Lost Chronology of events on Nikumaroro 9/96
Clues and Conclusions Hypothesis as of September 1996 9/96
Corroboration Photographic analysis of possible wreckage on reef at Niku 9/97
Is This Earhart’s Electra? Analysis of wreck photo 9/97
The Canton Engine Discussion of story of finding of a radial aircraft engine on Canton Island 9/97
The Tarawa File Discussion of archival file found in Tarawa which details the finding of bones and other artifacts on Niku in 1940 9/97
The Castaways of Gardner Island Diagram and analysis of description of items found on Niku by Gallagher 9/97
Completing the Puzzle What has been done and what remains to be done as of September 1997 9/97
The Wreck Photo Further analysis and discussion of the wreck photo 5/98
The Pilots Thought I was Nuts Bruce Yoho’s story of finding the engine on an island in the Phoenix Group and moving it to Canton 5/98
The Noonan Project Research on Fred Noonan’s background and accomplishments 5/98
Kanawa Point Analysis of possible site for finding of bones in 1940 12/98
The Wreck Photo Even more analysis of the wreck photo. 12/98
Amelia Earhart’s Bones and Shoes Paper delivered to American Anthropological Association 12/98
The Crash at Sydney Island Full report on WWII crash at Sydney 12/98
The Turning of the Tide Overview of project as of December 1998 12/98
The Niku III Preliminary Expedition Report on expedition of February 1996 3/96
Solomon Islands Expedition Dirk Ballendorf’s trip to the Solomons in search of futher evidence from former Nikumaroro residents 3/96
The Niku III Expedition: Once and For All Planning and technology for Niku IIII 9/96
Hell & High Water Report on Niku III 9/97
Niku IIII: Courage is the Price Planning for Niku IIII 9/97
I Saw Pieces of an Airplane Report on interview in Funafuti 9/97
The Kanton Mission Report of work on Kanton Island 5/98
Ate Another MRE Kenton Spading’s field notes from Kanton 5/98
Preliminary Findings Artifact analysis from Niku III preliminary 3/96
Part Number 40552 Analysis of plexiglass artifact found during Niku III-P 3/96
Found Objects Summary of artifacts 9/96
Back to Square One for 2-2-V-1 Full analysis of sheet metal artifact found on Niku II 9/96
Qualitative Data Amelia Earhart: Case Closed? by Roessler and Gomez 12/95
The Amelia Earhart Library and Film Festival Quick reviews of most of the major books and films about/by Earhart 9/96
No You Weren’t I Was Amelia Earhart by Jane Mendelsohn/rev. by Phil Scott 9/96
Hidden Platitudes Hidden Latitudes by Alison Anderson 9/96
Impressions Amelia by Goldstein & Dillon; East to the Dawn by Butler; Whistled Like a Bird by Chapman 9/97
Special Friends Department Letters and poems by children about Amelia 5/98

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