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The Luke Field Crash Report: Exhibit B
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  Military Police, Hawaiian Division
  Guard around entire airdrome and at gate at Old Wheeler Field road.
A strong Infantry reserve.
  M. P. representative.
3 motorcycles (M. P.'s).
Extra guard with rope for emergency.
  Will furnish one squad under Airdrome Officer to meet and escort
plane to hangar.
  At Hangar-
    2 orderlies with motorcycles at 75th Squadron hangar.
2 orderlies at telephone, 75th Squadron hangar, first floor.
Ropes for use in emergency.
Press under G-2, Hawaiian Division. Room with 4 telephones in 75th Squadron Operations Office, second floor.
2 toilets; 1 in hangar, 1 on second floor.
Announcer and loud speaker at 26th Attack Squadron in front of Operations Office with 2 runners (1 motorcycle).
Communications Section on air (receiving only) during both flights.
Relay information to loud speaker. All information relayed to Lieut. TIBBETTS at 75th Squadron hangar. G-2 to censor and return to loud speaker.
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  Reception committee and Staff, press and civilians connected with flight at hangar, to include any of the following who arrive:
  1. Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Drum, Miss Rheume and party.
2. Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Moses, Colonel and Mrs. Chaffin and party.
3. Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Yount and party.
4. Admiral and Mrs. Murfin and party or representative
5. Amelia Earhart Reception Committee (4 or 5)
6. Governor and party or representative.
7. Mayor Wright and party or representative.
8. Lt. Colonel and Mrs. McDonnell.
  1. G-2, Hawaiian Division - Major Gwynn.
2. M. P. Officer - Major Bolling.
3. G-2, Hawaiian Department - Major Euell.
  1. S-3, Major Frierson, Airdrome Officer at 19th Squadron initially.
2. Flight Surgeon - Major Cummings and ambulance at 19th Squadron initially.
3. Executive in Charge of general arrangements - Lt. Tibbetts.
4. Engineering Officer - Lieut. Rogers.
  1. Representative Hawaiian Air Depot - Lieut. Arnold.
2. Representative Pratt and Whitney.
3. Representative Press.
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  Military and Naval commissioned personnel in uniform, including guests, in area between 6th Sqdn. and 26th Sqdn. hangars normally used for reviews. The concrete runway in front to be roped off and 200 chairs provided. The following to be admitted:
  1. General Officers and parties.
2. Colonels and parties.
3. All Air Corps commissioned personnel and parties.
4. Naval Officers and parties.
5. Civilians, approved by Major Wheeler or his assistants.
Major Wheeler to represent the Commanding Officer in this area. Lt. Henderson to assist him. The loud speaker to be placed to serve this area.
Military and Naval enlisted personnel in uniform, and their guests,
on ramp in front of 6th and 19th Squadron hangars.
  Civilian cars to be parked in area east of Group Headquarters between flying field and main road. Captain Wriston and an assistant to be in charge of this area.
  To be controlled by Military Police. The Press to be given identification by G-2.
  1. Receiving party and staff at hangar--roads east and west of 75th Service Squadron hangar.
2. Military and Naval Commissioned personnel in uniform--area adjacent to base ball diamond.
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  3. Enlisted personnel in uniform on road between Group Headquarters and Carter Gate.
  4. Civilian - all parking to be in area between Group Headquarters and Wright Gate.
A Guard to be placed on the inner loop, Officers' quarters area and the Commanding Officer's quarters by the Military Police.
One (1) Air Corps Motorcycle Orderly on duty at the Commanding Officer's quarters.
Admission to the Loop - Officers and guests living in the area, others at the discretion of the Military Police.
The Adjutant, Wheeler Field or replacement designated by him to determine final admission to quarters.
Mr. Cogswell and typist to be permitted access to quarters to assist Miss Earhart in writing a story for the press, at her request.
An Extra Telephone to be installed in Col. McDonnell's quarters for transmission of the story.
When her airplane lands a squad in fatigue clothes under the Airdrome Officer to advance and escort her to the 75th Squadron hangar.
When the Plane Stops on Ramp: Admiral's representative, Gen. Drum, Gen. Moses, Gen. Yount, Governor Poindexteer*, Mayor Wright, G-2, Maj. Gwynn with press representative go to the plane.
Press permitted to take picture only until an interview is authorized by G-2.
Motorcycle escort to Commanding Officer's quarters.
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  1. Baggage to go to quarters.
  2. Suggest parking of plane in hangar after departure for quarters.
  3. Offer to place guard over it.
  4. Verify responsibility of Pratt and Whitney Representatives for condition of plane, and Standard Oil for gassing.
  5. Explain that we are prepared to furnish any assistance possible under regulations.
  6. Verify the fact that they are to receive weather reports from other sources, and who is responsible for delivery. No weather reports will be given by the 18th Pursuit Group except to the Navy on their request.
  7. Ascertain time of planned departure.
  8. Deliver any mail or messages that may have been received.
  9. Coordinate plan for laying out runway for take-off.
  Rest Romm* for Women is prepared on the first floor, 2nd door on right of hangar -- for Men, on 2nd floor in Press Room.
  Chairs to be arranged for receiving party.
  Four telephone lines to Honolulu to be provided for in Press Room.
  Chairs with Arms suitable for writing to be in Press Room.
  Military Police to maintain the same guard during period of stay.
    The same arrangement to be followed for take-off as for arrival.
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The amphibian to be on the alert during incoming and outgoing flight.
Crash boat at Haleiwa to be on alert.
Request Luke Field Crash boat and amphibian to be on alert.
Flying at Wheeler Field to be discontinued on day of arrival and departure.
Airplanes except amphibian to be locked in hangars.
Any necessary flying except trips ordered to Hilo to be from Luke Field.
Uniform, Commanding Officer, Staff of Wheeler Field blouse, slacks, yellow gloves. Other personnel the same as on operating days.
Grounds and 75th Hangar, special attention to general police.
Weather reports to be forwarded to Commanding Officer's quarters periodically.
Headquarters Hawaiian Department, Hq. 18th Composite Wing, Hawaiian Division, G-2 and Military Police - Hawaiian Division to be notified of probable time of arrival and departure of plane as information is received. - (Lieut. Tibbetts)
No restricitions on cameras.
11th Photo Section to make 2 cameras and 2 operators available to Division G-2.
Page Break
Two (2) copies of photographs approved by G-2 to be delivered to Commanding Officer's quarters as soon as developed for Miss Earhart and navigator.
Air Corps Supply Officer to be thoroughly familiar with proceedure* for issue of spare parts.
Communications Officer to endevour* to ascertain from Naval Air Base frequency upon which airplane will operate.
A brief letter of instructions to be issued for guidance of all concerned.
All personnel to be instructed to give no information to the press.
    For the Commanding Officer:

frierson sig
S. G. Frierson,
Major, 18th Pursuit Group,
Intelligence & Operations Officer.


2- C of S, Haw Div
1- G-2, Haw Div
1- Pro Mar
3- CG, 18th Wng
1- CO, Luke Field
1- CO, HAD
3- CO, WF
3- S-3, WF
3- Ex Off, WF
1- S-4, WF
4-Adj, WF
1- Maj. Wheeler


Crash Report Cover Pages Exhibit "G" Statement by Mr. Fred D. Wood, Hawaiian Air Depot.
Proceedings and Findings Exhibit "H" Statement by Mr. E. L. Heidlebaugh, Hawaiian Air Depot.
Exhibit "A" Statement by the Engineering Officer, Wheeler Field, T.H. Exhibit "I" Statement by Mr. Lynn V. Young, Hawaiian Air Depot.
Exhibit "B" "Plan for Amelia Earhart Putnam Flight", Headquarters Wheeler Field, T.H. Exhibit "J" Statement by Corporal E. J. Cashman, R-4311524, 65th Service Squadron.
Exhibit "C" Letter, "Amelia Earhart Putnam Flight", Headquarters Wheeler Field, T.H. Exhibit "K" Statement by Private E. C. Schultz, 6678961, 65th Service Squadron.
Exhibit "D" Statement by the Operations Officer, Luke Field, T.H. Exhibit "M" Inventory of property shipped.
Exhibit "E" Statement by the Engineering Officer, Hawaiian Air Depot. Exhibit "N" Request for shipment and release from responsibility.
Exhibit "F" Statement by Mr. Geo. H. Miller, Hawaiian Air Depot.  

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