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Digging Into The Glenn Miller Disappearance

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December 15 marks the 73rd anniversary of the disappearance of iconic Big Band leader Major Alton G. “Glenn” Miller on a 1944 flight from England to Paris. In terms of public familiarity, it’s an aviation mystery second only to the Earhart disappearance and, like the AE enigma, proposed answers to the riddle range from the ridiculous to the rational. The most credible research suggests that the UC-64 Noorduyn Norseman carrying Miller came down in the English Channel due to either weather or friendly fire.

We’ll take this a step at a time. We are raising funds to be used to cover Phase One. The purpose of Phase One will be to determine whether what appeared to be the wreck of a C-64 Noorduyn Norseman snagged, and briefly raised, by a fisherman trawling in the English Channel could possibly be the aircraft in which Miller was lost on December 15, 1944. If the informant’s account is found to be not credible, or the reported location is beyond the realm of possibility based on the known facts of the case, or the location is not specific enough – we’ll write a report and leave it at that. If Phase One finds that further research is warranted we’ll proceed with a possible research trip to England next year. A later search expedition would only be contemplated if it looked like there was a reasonable chance of locating and identifying the wreck.

Our ability to move forward depends entirely upon contributions to the Glenn Miller Research Fund. Please go ahead and contribute what you can now. We need to get started. We’ll include a progress report in the year-end issue of TIGHAR Tracks due out later this month.

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