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Andrew McKenna is a veteran of several TIGHAR expeditions, an active member of EPAC, and a TIGHAR member since 1990, member number 1045CE.

TIGHAR Expeditions include:

B-23 Loon Lake Field School, 2000 - Niku IIII, 2001 - Lockheed Electra Crash Survey, Kellog Idaho, 2004 - Niku V, 2007 - Maid of Harlech Survey, 2007 - NIKU VI - Hopefully :-) 2010

In his spare time, Andrew is a part owner and Executive Vice President of Bella Energy, Inc. Bella Energy (, a leading solar energy installation firm in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Andrew participated in multiple paleontological expeditions as a child in his father's paleontological expeditions throughout the western USA, Greenland, and Egypt.

Andrew can be reached at amckenna -at -