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This 120-foot sailing vessel, based in Fiji, has been used on many TIGHAR expeditions: Niku III (1997), Niku IIIIP (1999), Niku IIII (2001), and Niku V (2007).

"Team members live aboard the ship and commute to work ashore. Nai’a is not a big ship but she’s a comfortable ship. Each cabin is individually air-conditioned and has a private head (toilet) and shower. The team dines together in the main salon and the food is first class.


"Nai’a uses hard-bottomed inflatables known, coincidentally, as Naiads. Boarding and disembarking the skiffs from the ship’s aft dive platform in a choppy sea requires timing, core strength, and agility. A misstep can mean getting crushed between the skiff and the hull. The Black Tips (reef sharks) are always on hand to help should anyone fall overboard."[1]