Maps of Nikumaroro

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Nikumaroro to Howland Island

"It's 350 nautical miles from Howland to Gardner [i.e., Nikumaroro]. At 130 knots (the Electra's normal cruising speed at altitude), that would take 2 hours and 41 minutes. But that doesn't mean much. We don't know how close she was to Howland and we don't know what speed she was using when she was 'running on line'" Gillespie, Forum).

Map / Photo Gallery

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Google Earth .kmz files

Nikumaroro Seamount.jpg

To use .kmz files you must have Google Earth installed on your computer. Save the .kmz file on your computer where you can find it. Start Google Earth, select File / Open and then browse to the saved .kmz file. Nikumaroro will come into view.

Bathymetric 3-D viewing is available with Google Earth 5.0. Select "View" and check "Water Surface". In the "Layers" panel, turn on "Terrain". For underwater features and content related to oceans, select "Ocean" in the "Layers" panel.

You may, of course, navigate to these features using Google Earth. Just put "Nikumaroro" in the location box and then click on "Nikumaroro, Kiribati."