Kite Aerial Photography

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"Maid of Harlech."
The Seven Site--KAP montage.
The Norwich City

Brooks Leffler and David Wheeler built and donated a kite-borne photography system that enabled our Aerial Recon Team to get wonderfully detailed low-altitude overhead imagery of the Seven Site and the reef near the Norwich City shipwreck on the Niku V expedition (2007). KAP was also used to help survey the "Maid of Harlech."

TIGHAR had tried a video camera-carrying kite during Niku II (1991), but stability in the strong trade winds was a problem (just watching the tape made everybody sick.)

Andrew McKenna, Forum: "Kite height varies between 200' and 400' for good photos of the ground directly below. I think we flew it higher at points when capturing photos at an oblique angle."

  • [ Niku V KAP photos on Flickr.] {dead link}