Howard Alldred

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Howard Alldred, NZCS BSc (Hons), of Geodata Consulting Ltd., Waiheke Island, New Zealand, TIGHAR #2489CE, was a geophysicist specializing in island morphology. He worked closely with TIGHAR’s Earhart Project to help us understand Nikumaroro and the events that took place there. Over several years, he traveled repeatedly from his home in New Zealand (where he grew olives) to the U.S. and to Nikumaroro on work for the Project. He always wore excitingly loud ties, dark suits, and white running shoes, even in Delaware in August.

Howard died in June 2007 of an aggressive and very fast-moving brain cancer. We miss him.

Howard under electra.jpg Howard olive farm.jpg
Trying to match rivets on an Electra 10-A in the
Museum of Transport and Technology,
Auckland, NZ (2003).
At Howard's olive farm, Waiheke Wild,
on Waiheke Island, NZ (2003).