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Category:Help contains help pages that describe how to use MediaWiki. Only pages in "Help:" namespace should be in this category. Note that all pages in the Help: namespace are released into the public domain so that they can be easily imported into any MediaWiki instance regardless of the specific wiki's own license. See {{ #ifeq:

| | Project:PD Help | Project:PD Help }} if you want to help us.

All English-language public-domain help pages should be categorized into Category:Help (using [[Category:Help]]), for documentation of the MediaWiki core interface, or Category:Extension help (using [[Category:Extension help]]) for extension documentation. Additional categories for further sorting is also helpful. This is needed because of later half-automated creation of the PD Help package from this category.

The front page is Help:Contents

noinclude {{#ifexist: Template:PD Help Page/Help|Template:PD Help Page/Help|

PD {{{text}}}|Important note: When you edit this page, you agree to release your contribution into the public domain. If you don't want this or can't do this because of license restrictions, please don't edit. This page is one of the Public Domain Help Pages, which can be freely copied into fresh wiki installations and/or distributed with MediaWiki software; see Help:Contents for an overview of all pages. See Project:PD help/Copying for instructions.}} PD

This template is to be transcluded in public domain help pages.

This template will transclude the central en categories template, if the template exists. Include this template in any language subpages, to unify the page's categories across languages.


  • title: Help:Deleting a page -- transclude {nowiki/nowiki{Help:Deleting a page/categories}}
  • title: Help:Deleting a page/th -- transclude {nowiki/nowiki{Help:Deleting a page/categories}}
  • title: Help:Deleting a page/subpage -- transclude {nowiki/nowiki{Help:Deleting a page/subpage/categories}}
  • title: Help:Deleting a page/subpage/th -- transclude {nowiki/nowiki{Help:Deleting a page/subpage/categories}}


Trying to optimize {{#ifeq: help|Help |{{{1}}}| }} calling. This call {{#ifeq: help|Help |{{{1}}}| }} only once.

--{{#ifeq: help|Help |!--

  --{{#ifexist: Category:Help!-- end of {{{1}}} --/categories |!--
     --{{ Category:Help!-- end of {{{1}}} --/categories|!--
        --En pagename=Help|!--
        --Lang subpage=!--

--|!-- else --!--

  --{{#ifexist: Category:Help!-- end of {{{1}}} --/categories |!--
     --{{ Category:Help!-- end of {{{1}}} --/categories|!--
        --En pagename=Help|!--
        --Lang subpage=/Help!--

-- }}!--

--{{#if: |!--

The following statements call Template:En pagename two times which then call {{#ifeq: help|Help |{{{1}}}| }} two times.

--{{#ifexist: Category:Template:En pagename!-- end of {{{1}}} --/categories |!--

  --{{ Category:Template:En pagename!-- end of {{{1}}} --/categories }}!--