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In all of the articles on Ameliapedia, blue links are clickable links to other articles on this wiki.

blue links that look like this take you to some other part of TIGHAR's website or to other external websites.

If you see a red link on a page, that means that the author of the article thought that there should be a page on that topic in the Ameliapedia but has not yet had the time, energy, or information in hand to create the article. You might think of it as a "coming attraction." Or, perhaps more accurately, the red link means "unfinished business"; the author or editor inserted the link, thinking that it would make a good article and hasn't yet followed up on creating the page.

Text shown in a purplish-blue are links that you have already visited.

You should see navigation menus on the left. In the image below, the only blue link is "Random page." All of the rest are purplish-blue because I have visited them recently.


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