Artifact analysis

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Selected artifacts

Expedition Year ID Number Description
Niku I 1989 2-1 a navigator's bookcase
Niku I 1989 2-1-V-18 and 2-1-V-2 "Dado" or heat shield
Niku II 1991 2-2-G-7/1-9 parts of a woman's shoe, Cat's Paw repair heel
Niku II 1991 2-2-V-1 Alclad aluminum sheet
Niku IIIP 1996 2-3-S-5 Button
Niku IIIP 1996 2-3-V-1 Cables
Niku IIIP 1996 2-3-V-2 Transparent Sheet (plexiglass)
Niku IIII 2001 2-6-S-18 Part of a makeup mirror.
Niku IIII 2001 2-6-S-21F Tube part?
Niku IIII 2001 2-6-S-32 Part of a straight razor?
Niku IIII 2001 2-6-S-43 Anode plate
Niku IIII 2001 2-6-S-45 Oil can cap (not a knob)
Niku IIII 2001 2-6-S-46 Looped heavy duty non-magnetic wire that was once welded(?) to another non-magnetic metal surface.
Niku IIII 2001 2-6-S-03a and 2-6-S-03b little clips, a.k.a gidgies
Niku IIII 2001 2-6-S-21b Fragment of hexagonal bottle.
Niku VP 2003 2-7-V-1 and 2-7-V-2 "Dado" or heat shield
Niku V 2007 2-8-S-1 Part of a makeup mirror.
Niku V 2007 2-8-S-2a Bottom of a bottle.
Niku V 2007 2-8-S-3 Talon zipper.
Niku V 2007 2-8-S-5 Part of a pocket knife
Niku V 2007 2-8-S-25 Fragments of an amber bottle.
Niku V 2007 2-8-S-27 Fragments of a green bottle.
Niku V 2007 2-8-S-30 Red material. Rouge?
Niku V 2007 2-8-S-41a and 2-8-S-41b Fragments of a hexagonal bottle.
remnants of riveted can

Comprehensive list of artifacts


From kanawa wood box collected at Ritiati/Noriti (Karaka Village) by John Mims 1944
2-0-V-1 small diamond shaped piece of aluminum


From Fieldwork at Ritiati/Noriti (Village) 1989
2-1-V-1 navigator’s bookcase
2-1-V-2 cut aluminum sheet
2-1-V-3 cut aluminum strip
2-1-V-4 electrical terminal strip
2-1-V-5 aluminum rectangle
2-1-V-8 sheet aluminum structure
2-1-V-10 broken knife blade


From Fieldwork at Ritiati/Noriti (Village) 1991
2-2-V-1 Aluminum sheet with rivet holes
2-2-V-2 Piece of cut out material with metal mount
2-2-V-3 Bent metal cylinder
2-2-V-4 Metal ring
2-2-V-5 Metal comb
2-2-V-6 Misc. unidentified metal objects (5)
2-2-V-7 Remnant of rubber hose
2-2-V-8 Torn aluminum structure, apparent # 32B 10
2-2-V-9 Aluminum channel section
2-2-V-10 Aluminum strips /1 and /2
2-2-V-11 Shoe top
2-2-V-12 Boot sole
2-2-V-13 Section of aluminum pipe


From Fieldwork at “Shoe Site” Aukeraime South 1991
Fish vertabrae (?)
2-2-G-2 Unknown bone
2-2-G-3 Tiny (rat?) humerus
2-2-G-4 Examples of rusted barrel iron
2-2-G-5 Thermometer, broken
2-2-G-6 Threaded metal cap
2-2-G-7 Shoe parts
2-2-G-7/1Cats Paw heel
2-2-G-7/2 Sole
2-2-G-7/3 Sole pieces
2-2-G-7/4 Sole pieces
2-2-G-7/5 Sole pieces
2-2-G-7/6 Leather pieces
2-2-G-7/7 Leather pieces
2-2-G-7/8 Leather pieces
2-2-G-7, /6, /7 & /8 screened bits of leather, ferrous metal, brass eyelet 2-2-G-7/9 Leather piece
2-2-G-8 Shoe heel
2-2-G-9 Misc. charcoal pieces


From Fieldwork on beach Aukeraime North 1991
2-2-B-1 Rifle cartridges
2-2-B-2 .45 cal. slug
2-2-B-3 Handmade bamboo, aluminum and rope object


From Fieldwork at “Seven Site” Aukeraime North, 1996
2-3-S-5 button


From Fieldwork at Ritiati/Noriti (Karaka Village) 1996
2-3-V-1 radio cables
2-3-V-2 Plexiglas fragment
2-3-V-3 thin stainless steel wire similar to aircraft safety wire


From Fieldwork at “Shoe Site” Aukeraime South 1997
2-4-A-2 small metal washer


From Fieldwork at Ritiati/Noriti (Karaka Village) 1997
2-4-V-1 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-2 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-3 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-4 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-5 aluminum stringer
2-4-V-9 channel section
2-2-V-10 aluminum cut strips
2-4-V-10a aluminum sheet
2-4-V-10b aluminum sheet piece
2-4-V-11 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-12 aluminum cut strip
2-4-V-21 aluminum comb
2-4-V-26 aluminum B-24 cap strip
2-4-V-29 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-32 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-33 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-35 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-48 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-54 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-55 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-58 aluminum strip
2-4-V-60 stainless steel safety wire
2-4-V-66 aluminum comb
2-4-V-86 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-87 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-88 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-89 aluminum plate piece
2-4-V-90 aluminum comb
2-4-V-93 heavy aluminum part
2-4-V-94 aluminum strip
2-4-V-103 aluminum plate
2-4-V-105 aluminum rectangle
2-4-V-106 aluminum rectangle


From Fieldwork on Nutriran 1999
2-5-N-1 broken fitting
2-5-N-2 aluminum rectangle


From Fieldwork at Loran Station 2001
2-6-L-01 Copper screening sample
2-6-L-02 Copper wire samples
2-6-L-03 Metal samples
2-6-L-04 Corrugated metal


From Fieldwork at Ritiati/Noriti (Karaka Village) 2001
2-6-V-01 Asphalt sheet sample
2-6-V-02 Asbestos sheet samples

From Fieldwork in Tatiman Passage 2001
2-6-T-01 Aluminum artifact
2-6-T-02a Metal fastener
2-6-T-02b Piece of finished wood
2-6-T-03a shell casing, British
2-6-T-03b fragmented bullet
2-6-T-04 Light bulb base, American style
2-6-T-05a Copper tubing
2-6-T-05b Brass screw
2-6-T-05C Can lid

From Fieldwork at “Seven Site” Aukeraime North 2001
2-6-S-01 Plate sherd #1
2-6-S-02 Large asbestos sheet
2-6-S-03a Aluminum (?) object, rounded, with copper (?) screw
2-6-S-03b Aluminum (?) object, squared, with copper (?) screw
2-6-S-04 Small asbestos sheet
2-6-S-05 Copper screening
2-6-S-06 .22 shell casing with "U"
2-6-S-07 Food can
2-6-S-08 Plate sherd #2
2-6-S-09 Copper screening
2-6-S-10 .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-11 Southeast corner of tank
2-6-S-12 heavy ferrous triangular piece
2-6-S-13 Wood, finished
2-6-S-14 Copper screening
2-6-S-15 Metal pieces
2-6-S-16 Small glass sherd
2-6-S-17 Plate sherd, USCG
2-6-S-18 Flat glass fragment
2-6-S-19a Unknown material, biological?
2-6-S-19b brown glass shard, burned
2-6-S-19c brown glass shard, unburned
2-6-S-19d .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-20 Metal flakes
2-6-S-21a Glass sherd, broken - fishnet float
2-6-S-21b Glass sherd - piece of bottle
2-6-S-21c Heavy copper wire
2-6-S-21d Copper screening
2-6-S-21e .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-21f light ferrous metal cap w/ flanges
2-6-S-22 Plate sherd, edge
2-6-S-23 Plate sherd with USCG pattern
2-6-S-24a .22 Cal shell casing
2-6-S-24b .22 Cal shell casing
2-6-S-25 Heavy electrical connector with cable end
2-6-S-26 .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-27 Copper screening
2-6-S-28 large small-headed nail
2-6-S-29 Copper screening (in clam feature)
2-6-S-30 Glass fragment, light bulb (?) 0.5m from SW corner of tank
2-6-S-31 Copper screening
2-6-S-32 Scalloped object with nail
2-6-S-33 .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-34 Nail, square brass (boat nail?)
2-6-S-35 .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-36 .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-37 .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-38 .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-39 .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-40 Copper screening (large sheet)
2-6-S-41 Light bulb base (bakelite?)
2-6-S-42 Copper wire
2-6-S-43 Half-cylinder, thin metal, with flanges
2-6-S-44 nail with washer
2-6-S-45 knurled knob
2-6-S-46 cup handle ?
2-6-S-47 concrete block fragment
2-6-S-48a .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-48b .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-48c .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-48d .30 Cal stripper clip ?
2-6-S-49 Asphalt sheet
2-6-S-50a Small plastic cap
2-6-S-50b Large plastic cap
2-6-S-51a .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-51b .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-51c .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-51d .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-51e .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-51f .30 Cal M-1 Carbine case
2-6-S-51g complete .30 cal round
2-6-S-51h .30 cal bullet
2-6-S-52 metal object samples
2-6-S-53 metal flakes
2-6-S-54 Asphalt sheet samples
2-6-S-55 light bulb post
2-6-S-56 Asphalt structure
2-6-S-57 Corrugated metal sample
2-6-S-58 Sample metal channel material
2-6-S-59 Pumice
2-6-S-60 Pumice


From Fieldwork at Ritiati/Noriti (Karaka Village) 2003
2-7-V-1 cut aluminum sheet
2-7-V-2 cut aluminum sheet


From Fieldwork at Ritiati/Noriti (Karaka Village) 2007
2-8-V-1 aluminum fragment
2-8-V-2 radio knob and shaft
2-8-V-3 aluminum fragment
2-8-V-4 aluminum fragment
2-8-V-5 pulley
2-8-V-6 bearing sleeve
2-8-V-7 bearing sleeve
2-8-V-8 bearing sleeve
2-8-V-9 bearing sleeve
2-8-V-10 possible brake part
2-8-V-11 possible brake part
2-8-V-12 metal fitting
2-8-V-13 unidentified machine part
2-8-V-14 bushing
2-8-V-15 bushing
2-8-V-16 nut
2-8-V-17 coaxial cable connector
2-8-V-18 capacitor
2-8-V-19 wheel hub
2-8-V-20 compression fiting
2-8-V-21 aluminum fragment
2-8-V-22 metal fragment
2-8-V-23 five-strand stainless steel wire
2-8-V-24 squeeze tube top
2-8-V-25 1953 Australian florin
2-8-V-26 bearing sleeve
2-8-V-27 metal fragment
2-8-V-28 possible radio part
2-8-V-29 coaxial cable connector
2-8-V-30 coaxial cable fitting
2-8-V-31 aluminum fragment
2-8-V-32 radio part
2-8-V-33 watch
2-8-V-34 bearing sleeve
2-8-V-35 bearing sleeve
2-8-V-36 bearing sleeve
2-8-V-37 bearing sleeve


From Fieldwork at “Seven Site” Aukeraime North 2007
2-8-S-1 Flat glass fragment
2-8-S-2 a&b bottle bottom and fragment
2-8-S-3 zipper
2-8-S-4 a&b snap
2-8-S-5 broken pocket knife
2-8-S-7 .45 slug
2-8-S-8 M1 carbine shell casing
2-8-S-9 M1 carbine shell casing
2-8-S-10 M1 carbine shell casing
2-8-S-11 M1 carbine slug
2-8-S-12 .22 shell casing
2-8-S-13 .22 shell casing
2-8-S-14 .22 shell casing
2-8-S-15 cable clamp
2-8-S-16 ceramic shard
2-8-S-17 ceramic shard
2-8-S-18 unidentified beige mass
2-8-S-19 mashed bullet
2-8-S-20 thick glass shard
2-8-S-21 thin curved glass shard
2-8-S-22 metal fragments
2-8-S-23 green wire mesh
2-8-S-24 red wafer
2-8-S-25 wire, bent to hold bottles?
2-8-S-26 broken amber glass bottle
2-8-S-27 broken green glass bottle
2-8-S-30 red wafer
2-8-S-31a&b aluminum nails
2-8-S-32 non-metalic fragment
2-6-S-33 fragment of unidentified material
2-8-S-34 black tubing
2-8-S-35a&b gaskets
2-8-S-37 red wafer
2-8-S-38 fragment of unidentified material
2-8-S-39 metal fragment with red material
2-8-S-40a&b metal fragments with possible enamel
2-8-S-41 stripper clip (0.30 cal)
2-8-S-42 brass (?) ring
2-8-S-43a&b ferrous pieces
2-8-S-44 red ferrous with edge (?)
2-8-S-45 ferrous with red
2-8-S-46 ferrous with red
2-8-S-47 non-magnetic material
2-8-S-48a,b,c apparent ferrous but non-magnetic
2-8-S-49 fibrous material
2-8-S-50 sherd of CG crockery
2-8-S-51 fingertip bandage (probably modern)
2-8-S-52 ferrous (treated)
2-8-S-53 brown glass (heated/bubbled)
2-8-S-54a&b frosted glass
2-8-S-55 glass bottle top (frosted)
2-8-S-56 ceramic sherd
2-8-S-57 glass shard (flash bulb)
2-8-S-58 glass shard (flash bulb)
2-8-S-59 ferrous pieces with gray (per TK 1/23/09)
2-8-S-60 ferrous pieces with wire reinforce and rivets (per TK 1/23/09)
2-8-S-61a&b glass from bird bone feature S of SL-3 (cataloged 9-27-10)


From Fieldwork at “Seven Site” Aukeraime North 2010 (partial)
Note: Red signifies sterile collection
2-9-S-1 broken glass jar
2-9-S-1a part of top
2-9-S-1b part of top (distant)
2-9-S-1c part of bottom
2-9-S-1d part of bottom
2-9-S-1e part of bottom
2-9-S-2 leather?
2-9-S-3 button, large
2-9-S-4 button, small
2-9-S-5 bead
2-9-S-6 cervical bone?
2-9-S-7 bone chip?
2-9-S-8 leather?
2-9-S-9 small bone?
2-9-S-10 rouge pieces (9)
2-9-S-11a&b turtle?
2-9-S-12 metal cap?
2-9-S-13 bone chip?
2-9-S-14 cloth
2-9-S-15 clam shucker?
2-9-S-16 knife body
2-9-S-17 knife bolster
2-9-S-18 knife bone fragment
2-9-S-19 small plastic cap
2-9-S-20 twisted wire
2-9-S-21 thin broken glass
2-9-S-22 thin broken glass
2-9-S-23 thin broken glass
2-9-S-24 thin broken glass
2-9-S-25 thin broken glass
2-9-S-26 thin broken glass
2-9-S-27 broken Mennen bottle
2-9-S-28 three comb teeth
2-9-S-29 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-30 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-31 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-32 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-33 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-34 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-35 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-36 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-37 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-38 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-39a .22 shell casing
2-9-S-39b .22 shell casing
2-9-S-40 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-41 .22 shell casing
2-9-S-42a .22 shell casing
2-9-S-42b .22 shell casing
2-9-S-43a .22 shell casing
2-9-S-43b .22 shell casing
2-9-S-43c .22 shell casing
2-9-S-44 glass, curved, green
2-9-S-45 glass, green
2-9-S-46 glass, green
2-9-S-47 glass, green
2-9-S-48 glass, green
2-9-S-49 tiny wire
2-9-S-50 glass, Mennen
2-9-S-51 glass, Mennen?
2-9-S-52 glass, Mennen?
2-9-S-53 glass, Mennen
2-9-S-54 glass, Mennen
2-9-S-55 glass, corner
2-9-S-56 glass (3 pieces)
2-9-S-57 glass
2-9-S-58 glass, Mennen
2-9-S-59 glass
2-9-S-60 glass, Mennen?
2-9-S-61 glass, Mennen
2-9-S-62 glass, Mennen
2-9-S-63 glass, Mennen
2-9-S-64 glass, Mennen
2-9-S-65 glass, corner
2-9-S-66 cap, threaded & knurled
2-9-S-67 cap, threaded
2-9-S-68 translucent frag
2-9-S-69 translucent/ceramic?
2-9-S-70 red rounded frags
2-9-S-71 tiny red frags
2-9-S-72 tinier red frags
2-9-S-73 red frag
2-9-S-74 battery?
2-9-S-75 the “dragonfly”
2-9-S-76 tiny red flakes
2-9-S-77 nail
2-9-S-78 glass, amber
2-9-S-79 glass
2-9-S-80 cheesehead screw
2-9-S-81 many ferrous chunks
2-9-S-82 many ferrous chunks
2-9-S-82a plug and washer
2-9-S-83a ferrous pieces
2-9-S-83b ferrous pieces
2-9-S-83c ferrous pieces
2-9-S-83d ferrous pieces
2-9-S-83e ferrous pieces
2-9-S-83f ferrous pieces
2-9-S-84 corrugated iron
2-9-S-85 ferrous pieces w/coating
2-9-S-86 ferrous
2-9-S-87 ferrous
2-9-S-88 metallic object
2-9-S-89 rod tip
2-9-S-90a corrugation
2-9-S-90b corrugation
2-9-S-91 dowel
2-9-S-92 iron shards
2-9-S-93 ferrous
2-9-S-94 ferrous rivets/corner.
2-9-S-95 corrugation
2-9-S-96 rectangular ferrous
2-9-S-97 ferrous with coating
2-9-S-98 ferrous
2-9-S-99 ferrous
2-9-S-100 broken iron dowels.
2-9-S-101 ferrous
2-9-S-102 dowel
2-9-S-103 tin can? Round obj.
2-9-S-104 thick ferrous
2-9-S-104a plug, washer like 2-9-S-82a
2-9-S-105 ferrous
2-9-S-106 ferrous
2-9-S-107 intact iron dowels and nail