2-6-S-03a and 2-6-S-03b

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Little clips, also known as "gidgies." They are made of two different thicknesses of a non-magnetic metal. The screws are brass American No. 8, 15/16" length woodscrews meeting specifications that were current from the 1930s up until 1970 (TIGHAR Tracks, 18 (2002)). See also "Smelling for Gunsmoke."

The gidgies were found during Niku IIII (2001) at the Seven Site.



Measurement of the holes in 2-6-S-03b

The shank of a #20 drill bit (4.09mm) passed easily through the larger hole. The shank of a #19 drill bit (4.22mm) would not. The shank of a standard #8 wood screw is specified as 0.164" (4.17mm). Because the item was recovered with an intact #8 screw, Jim Thompson assumed the hole size to be the same as the screw shank diameter.

The smaller hole is not strictly circular in shape. Instead, it appears elliptical or three-lobed. The exact shape is difficult to discern because the object has a "fold" or "bend" coincident with the hole.

The shank of a #29 drill bit (3.45mm) could barely pass through the hole. The shank of a #28 drill bit (3.57mm) would not