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Author Topic: Electra in "plain sight" for 78 years? Wow!  (Read 7036 times)


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Re: Electra in "plain sight" for 78 years? Wow!
« Reply #15 on: September 30, 2019, 11:09:41 AM »

Bevington photo shows two objects on reef west of landing wheel. In fact it was a subject of "which photo is correct" on TIGHAR website. So, for Ric to say there is no cylindrical object in the Bevington photo (thought to be coral blocks by someone) does not take into account the straight edges or ends of said object. Photo posted below.
Ric doesn't see an object in the water in the "bow-on" photo of the NC. It's starboard of the ship, (left on photo) and cut off by the framing. Photo posted below. They resemble the two objects in the Bevington photo also posted below (TIGHAR site and from 2011). Find the photo and look at it yourselves, enlarge it a bit at a time. It's on the internet under SS NC images.
What I'm trying to establish is that the Electra was mostly submerged for most of the time from sometime post July 2, 1937 until it "surfaces" in 1941 - hence the Electra nose image near the surf line in the 1941 Norwich City photo.
"I see no such object" or "There is no object" is as unscientific as one can get. I don't require lecturing on the tendency of the human brain to see things. Others have pointed out the two objects in the Bevington photo and I'm pointing out what I've found. Then, there is the object in the water just starboard of the NC in the "bow-on" photo below. You can dismiss any or all of it, all you want. But I believe these objects and what I've found tell us, somewhat, what may have happened to the main fuselage of the Electra aircraft over a four year period - that it was submerged on the reef and made its way west like the rest of debris. As to scale rebuttals, the NC had a beam of 53.5 feet; the Electra was 38' 7" long. The Electra could have fit, intact, on the deck of the NC, and nose to tail still had some 15 feet to spare. I still press for an expert in photographic analysis to look at these images and render a professional opinion. As for Ric's one-liners and denials, is his opinion infallible? Look at the photos below and photos I've previously posted; what do you see?
Anyway, That's all folks!
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Re: Electra in "plain sight" for 78 years? Wow!
« Reply #16 on: September 30, 2019, 11:54:09 AM »

Anyway, That's all folks!

I agree.  This thread is now locked.
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