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Author Topic: What constitutes "Closure", in the eyes of Tighar, as it pertains to Amelia  (Read 4153 times)

Bill Mahoskey Jr

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Hello to all! As a long time observer of Tighar, and a fairly new member, I wanted to pose a question to liven up the message boards.

I actually worked on Linda Finch's Electra in Honolulu in 1997. She completed the trip Amelia was never able to, with a restored 1935 Lockheed Electra 10E. I had recently gotten out of the Navy and moved to Hawaii. As an aircraft mechanic, I was able to assist Ms. Finch while she stayed at our FBO.

So, here's my question:

What constitutues "closure" in the eyes of the the public-at-large, short of finding the remains of her Electra?

The TREMENDOUS body of evidence, accululated by Tighar on Niku over the years, has long since answered the question to me. It is hard for me to fathom that all of the evidence, when compiled and viewed, isn't enough to convince even the toughest critic.

More importantly, who's opinion is it that really matters outside of Tighar and its members?

Thanks all. I look forward to your thoughts on the matter.

Bill in Seattle

Martin X. Moleski, SJ

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What constitutues "closure" in the eyes of the the public-at-large, short of finding the remains of her Electra?

Beats me.  The "public-at-large" has many conflicting opinions, not all of which can be reconciled with each other or with the TIGHAR hypothesis.[/font]

More importantly, whose opinion is it that really matters outside of Tighar and its members?

I believe the Niku hypothesis is sound.

It makes the most sense to me.

No other island can explain the post-loss radio messages.

But to have real closure TO MY TASTE, I want to see the remnants of the engine and the airframe.

That would not be perfect proof for conspiracy theorists.

But it sure would make me feel that TIGHAR had clinched the case.

If the Niku hypothesis is true, the remains of the engines and airframe must be on or near Niku.

I think the hypothesis is true, therefore I think the remains are on or near Niku.

TIGHAR may not be able to find them with the resources at its disposal.

That is a thorn in my side.

So, for me, no closure yet.

           TIGHAR #2359A

Ric Gillespie

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  • "Do not try. Do or do not. There is no try" Yoda

What constitutues "closure" in the eyes of the the public-at-large, short of finding the remains of her Electra?

The public wants something simple.  Something they can see and understand.  Something like a photo that shows Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan on a dock in the Marshall Islands with the Japanese ship behind them towing the barge carrying the damaged Electra.  The public is less interested in scientific analysis of radio signals, fuzzy blobs in old photos, or bone measurements, even if published by a world class forensic anthropologist in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.  They don't want to hear that Amelia Earhart was found in 1940 but was misidentified due to a botched British investigation.  They don't want to hear that the Earhart Electra probably no longer exists except for some scattered, nearly impossible to find, pieces of wreckage

More importantly, who's opinion is it that really matters outside of Tighar and its members?

What a great question!  To answer it we need to ask why it's important to understand what really happened in any historical occurrence.  Why does it matter?  It matters because, as the old saying goes, "Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it."  Amelia Earhart was an iconic figure who continues to inspire, but what lessons should we take from the example of her life and tragic end? 

Pat Fontaine

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I think Marty says it well - to me, the accumulation of evidence makes for a strong case that the Niku hypothesis is correct, but absent the physical remains of a body or an aircraft there will be those who cannot (or will not) accept it. 
I think history has taught us that if anything, history isn’t always neat and doesn’t come wrapped up with a bow on top.  A prudent person would do their homework and build the case from what shards of evidence there are.  I think TIGHAR’s done that in spades.
That said, I’d love to see part(s) of the aircraft discovered.  I hope the ‘embedded object’ mentioned in the Dec17 TIGHAR Tracks can be found again so the organization can either discount it or add it to the list of evidence.

Jennifer Hubbard

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Within the last 24 hours, on my social media feeds, I'm seeing headlines from various news media saying that AE's bones were found. This is obviously a result of the Jantz paper. I wonder if this will be the public-opinion tipping point.


Leon R White

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It also matters what happened as MIAs are a troubling fact for most humans.  Isn't it why the US searches for MIAs?  Don't cold case files get resolved to get closure?  I don't think we should ignore the human connection to her and FN that many of us have - as unlikely as that connection is.  Whatever one may think of her skills, or her responsibility for her own demise, many of us still feel for her.
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