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Author Topic: Maid of Harlech Research Challenge #2: Piece in a UK Magazine from the 1980's?  (Read 11401 times)

Matt Rimmer

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Around twenty years ago I was given a quantity of British aviation magazines, most of which were editions of "FlyPast" and "Aeroplane Monthly" dating from the 1980's.

In one of these magazines there was a letter from a guy who, while on holiday in North Wales had visited Harlech beach and spotted the tip of a propellor poking through the sand. He wrote to the magazine asking if anyone could provide details and included a picture of the prop which the magazine published.

Despite searching the few magazines I have kept I cannot find the edition in which the letter appeared, nor can I remember if it was in "FlyPast" or "Aeroplane". So if any forum members have old editions of either of these magazines and can locate the letter in question it would add another piece to the puzzle.

Of course the propellor the guy saw while on holiday may not have belonged to The Maid, other aircraft have come down on Harlech beach and along that stretch of coastline, but if my memory is correct the photo he sent to the magazine indicated the tip of the blade had been recently removed with a hacksaw, matching a feature we noted on the tip of the uppermost left prop of The Maid during the 2007 survey.

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Ross Devitt

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Nice bit of beach to land on, if you don't run out of fuel.  I'm pretty sure the 'Maid' would have been pretty close to this stretch of shallow water when she landed.
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