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Author Topic: academic critique of bones study: more detailed information available?  (Read 53466 times)


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Re: academic critique of bones study: more detailed information available?
« Reply #45 on: November 05, 2013, 09:28:53 AM »

Zzzzzzzzzzz.............. *snort* - whazzat?

Obviously I have my opinions - appears to me that 'da bonz' have been wrung about as dry as can be short of finding them again so as to add flesh to this mystery.

So we have a fine academic - Kar Burns, who lent her talents (and RIP, she was a great lady and academic) to this and of course was interested in the possibility of Earhart's presence on Niku.

Now comes an academic upstart, who with some introductory / speaking support from an apparent mentor is ready to take on what Kar Burns and Company arrived at.  And it is all, by nature, "such as it is".  Marty rightly pointed to Dr. Burns' own words - which were truthful in noting how limited our information really is.  It seems to me that about all an academic critic could do with that is... repeat the same, and perhaps make some limited observation about the extremely limited data that suggests something other than what Kar Burns and TIGHAR thought possible: another opinion.

Now comes the gnashing of teeth - TIGHAR hath been set upon, how dare they - and other horsemen come and with halyards brandished say how dare others use such offensive tone in saying how dare TIGHAR, especially in attacking the dead?  Even as those horsemen gallop to the front, others emerge from the wood with ruthless pikes - say ye, hath not TIGHAR dared tread on Hoodless own tomb?

Much ado about nothing.  Burns could prove not, in the material sense, nor may her challenger prove her wrong - the position of the first was caveated appropriately, as Marty pointed us to; there lieth no contrary fact, nor that of support that taketh the corpse back from the crab's belly to flesh out... ah, time for a musical change-up - 'dem bonz' (sung to tune of 'dem bonz, dem bonz, dem dry bonz').

So now we digress into a somewhat freudian hatred of old professors (I liked Wolfson (affectionately "Wolfie") and Looney (affectionately "you're not really Looney") - he of university Economics and she of Composition and Creative Writing; not so much the nameless ones I don't hate but don't remember who laid that lash upon my ass over damnable sentence construction and grammer per se, they frequently having had little gift of the art (that is necessarily subjective, mind you) but were long-suffering technicians, generally.

Yea, Marty is a strict master; bless those who let us not escape reality and clutter the world with ill bordered histrionics, I bow to his better angels.

To the rebel, my heart is with you, for as "Wolfie" said often in his rule of the first order: "the world is full of bag ladies and con men, which are you" - and never explained, and most never realized we were all capable of being either on any occasion, or both at the same time within the mysts of our waking dreams called life.  One must at times snarl and draw back to learn of whence another hath cometh, and of what he is about or the soul be countenanced not.  Then, drawing back the bloody nub, one resolves to crenelate against the seige...

And we're off to the races.  How's that for mixing metaphors and such.

I of course digress further, point being - truly, much ado about nothing here, and the further we get from academic discipline, the more motivated becomes the master to guide.  It is his gift - some may find onerous, others may find oddly creative in it's own way.  My friend Marty has a way of finally getting me to poke a stick at him from my crenelated heights at times, but he's never denied enjoying - or at least being afflicted with, that dastardly ability (I think he's proud of it, just as I am of bloviation at times...).

So have an opinion, and some fun - but hate not.  Even as ye think of a despised teacher, be glad ye had one in freedom; as has been said in this part of the free world at times (biased as to my geography and nationality, but I'll not apologize...) - "if you can read and write, thank a teacher; if you do it in English, thank a veteran."  Wolfie's rule of generality causes me to reflect on that: it can be good or bad, make of it the best you can, and be glad you have the opportunity.

I think dem bonz are dry for now, 'nuff said.  Whatever my opinion, I'm glad to have a place of public recitation - where even my odd diversions MIGHT be tolerated (we'll see - this one is particularly whacky).  So I hate not Marty for having said 'why dost thou 'guess' when one may know, knave, see the missive for thine own' self!', all while fully understanding the continued (and escalating) tendency to fortify against the seige of such tyranny...

In short, this one is a riot.  *Snort*... Zzzz....

Added -

*Snort* - a-HEM!...

Someone said "wake up and read upstream, idiot"; alas, I turned on the light and it 'was but the dream of an idiot', but -

I quoted Kar Burns as she was 'explaining' that the hoodless report was less than credible/accurate/any other word you may wish to insert.

I think t'was a memory of this comment by Chris that worked its way into my sub-conscious self and wheedled at the sand-grain sized kernel of matter in my brain that deals with "logic", and it occurred to me -

To the degree that Hoodless' own report may be criticized, we have modern day Hoodless critics then who suffer a fate worse than Hoodless' own, where dem bonz are concerned:

If all they have is what Hoodless said (wrote, recorded), then all they can do is see what the modern 'machine' can make of that and whether it be in contrast to Hoodless' own conclusions, of course; they may differ with Hoodless' assertions, given what he recorded, but nothing firm can come of that since those same modern critics question whether Hoodless even did his work accurately or properly.  We seem thus to have a 'conundrum'...

I sometimes wonder why this forum has stalled in recent times?

Perhaps the conundrums have come to be without means of furthrance; argue dem bonz, argue airplane stuff - argue a bottle in an old fire bed.  Argue shoe(s), zipper pulls, argue context of these and more - anything you want.  The problem may be, Chris, that we have long reached a point where those who believe in the 'circumstantial' as I'd call it (others have said 'hard evidence') are well satisfied and need no further discussion; those not so satisfied would by now be focused probably upon finding the airplane, and for them it is a matter of confidence in where to look, not further rumination over this sort of thing.

I am beginning to believe that we have simply run out of room in between - one is satisfied or not, but neither, by definition, is likely to be terribly caught up in this rollicking regurgitation of standing material, or simply stand non-plussed at the prospect of this now-stale challenge that, having not splashed near the isle of our fate so far, may not even surface as we here anxiously expect it to do.

In more direct terms - you either fer me, or agin me when it comes to 'she's at Niku' in the eyes of many, and many are happy to accept what's been given, or happy to await next year's mission. 

Perhaps it is worse, but that is just a thought, I don't know.  Just a thought... and I drift, off again... *snork*... zzz....
- Jeff Neville

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Re: academic critique of bones study: more detailed information available?
« Reply #46 on: November 05, 2013, 11:33:52 AM »

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(we'll see - this one is particularly whacky).
Amen brother, but whistfully entertaining in its own way  :)
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