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Title: FBI Records
Post by: Robert J Schafish on October 21, 2009, 08:07:14 PM
the FBI Freedom of Information web site


lists 56 pages of documents under the name Earhart, Amelia.

However, the docs are not accessible via the FBI web site.

I did not find reference to the FBI on the TIGHAR web site.  Has anyone reviewed these docs?

Cheers, Bob Schafish
Title: Re: FBI Records
Post by: Martin X. Moleski, SJ on October 21, 2009, 08:29:44 PM
A nice piece of detective work on "Love to Mother" from the FOIA records:

http://www.tighar.org/Projects/Earhart/forum/FAQs/ltm.htm (http://www.tighar.org/Projects/Earhart/forum/FAQs/ltm.htm)

Hmm, the Earhart records seem to have been open in 1999, according to a note in the old Forum.

Earhart is listed in the Electronic Reading Room, but nothing is linked to her name:

http://foia.fbi.gov/foiaindex/foiaindex_e.htm (http://foia.fbi.gov/foiaindex/foiaindex_e.htm)

These folks seem to be offering the FBI files on a CD ROM:

http://www.paperlessarchives.com/earhart.html (http://www.paperlessarchives.com/earhart.html)