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Title: I Suppose This is the Place to Introduce Myself
Post by: Roger Ward on January 11, 2011, 01:10:26 PM
Greetings from Ohio.

I'm a long time aviation enthusiast, particularly those aircraft of WWII. Thus, the site is one that fits my interests in that regard.

I actually stumbled on the site quite by accident some time back as I was looking for some information for my daughter, who was doing a project on Amelia Earhart. Prior to that time, I was vaguely aware of "alternative theories" to the standard "ran out of fuel, crashed in the ocean." theory. After reviewing the evidence presented on the site I was highly impressed with the efforts to use good scientific and forensic investigative techniques in furthering the research on subject.

I'm a lawyer by profession, with a part-time job as a medic in the Army National Guard. I am not sure I can be particularly insightful or helpful, but if I believe I have anything to add, I will certainly do so.