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Title: Joseph McMoneagle’s Remote View of the Electra’s resting place Re-visited
Post by: David Williams on January 14, 2020, 04:59:16 AM
I was trawling through past posts (from 2015) when I noticed Andrew McKenna and ex member Monty Fowler (among others) castigated the character of US Intelligence Officer and Psychic Remote Viewer Joseph McMoneagle saying in effect that he (McMoneagle) had falsely claimed having been awarded the Legion of Merit.

Trawling further I noted the following:

A quote from a post by member Bob Smith
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“Yes, McMoneagle IS on the list of recipients of the Legion of Merit from the Armed Forces for his duties with the "Star Gate" Project.”

If Bob Smith is correct then I guess the detractors should apologise to Mr McMoneagle, if they didn’t already do so, for their part in the defamation of his character.  Monty gave up his Tighar membership but I am sure he still reads these posts as well as occasionally still contributing to that ‘other’ site.

Coincidentally with the above observation and now leaving that aside I found the following link to Dr.Tom King’s book review (Review of Evidential Details: Amelia Earhart, Takeoff to Oblivion, by Seeds/McMoneagle. Lisle, IL, Evidential Details Imprint, 2000?)

Click here

wherein some of McMoneagle’s Remote View prophesy describes the location of the Electra’s remains. Especially of interest to me, he says they are to be found:  “..... off Aukaraime South, southeast of Bauareke Passage, 2283 feet from the southwest tip of the island, in 650 feet of water”.  According to Tom King’s review of the book McMoneagle proceeds to provide instructions for finding the site and trolling for the plane’s remains in his prophecy.

Of interest to me because this is the same spot on the island that I posited in my post back in 2017 (see.... Update..281 My theory, have we been looking in the wrong place?) to be a likely landing place, in my view, if the reported “281 message” was the distance in nautical miles SOUTH of the equator.  According to Ric the unclear and partial message “was recorded by professional Navy wireless operators (w/o’s) stationed at Wailupe, recorded by them in official US Navy radio logs, at the time and on the same frequency being used by Amelia!”

Precisely two hundred and eighty one miles South of the equator gives a line of latitude which runs straight through that self same Aukaraime beach and reef.  If either Noonan or Earhart took a sighting there and established their latitude but, as is likely, had no idea of their longitude position, the next best thing that they could do, to direct rescue in their direction, was to convert that latitude to a distance and transmit that fact in an SOS message.

I know the broken message inferred 281 North but the message was broken and it is possible Earhart or Noonan said something like.... “we are safe on an unknown island reef, need help, the equator is 281 miles North of here”.... a stretch?... maybe but still plausible in my view. *** (see Harry Howe Jnr’s post below)

My 2017 post was intended for Ric in particular and prompted by him asking the forum for any input of search ideas leading up to Niku IX, because the ship’s Captain had asked for some ideas. My post was unfortunately, swiftly removed by Mr. Moleski off the then current General Discussion page and relegated to the backwaters of the Celestial Choir section of the site, thereby probably effectively missed by Ric before Niku IX and by many other people to discuss further at the time.  Anyway if anyone is interested to see the logic in my hypothesis (and Ric’s later extensive comments in reply) you can find it in (https://tighar.org/smf/index.php/topic,1967.msg41992.html#msg41992) which is hiding in Celestial Choir.

Apparently Psychic Remote Viewing has helped crime solving by locating missing persons and buried bodies and also military missions in the past with reportedly very accurate results.  Joseph McMoneagle was decorated for his service to the US Military due to his Remote Viewing successes so perhaps his Earhart remote view location, reported to be marked with an x on his map, is accurate enough to justify a thorough search off Aukaraime South since the favoured offshore spot North of the Norwich City has drawn a blank again it seems.

How Psychic Remote Viewing is possible remains a mystery to me but if it works?...... 
To quote a well known adage: ” there are more things in heaven and earth than meet the eye”.  Sceptics can leave now!  Lol.

C’mon Ric, I suggest that you include a thorough search of this position in your final Niku expedition, if you find her waiting there it will be your final search, won’t it?   We are both the same age and it’s time this was wrapped up before we are both gone without knowing the answer! :(


Post script:
  I subsequently just discovered, while compiling this post, that member Harry Howe Jnr was of the same opinion in his post, dated way back in August 2011 :

Re: 281 North
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In my opinion, Amelia transmitted "The equator is 281 nm North..."  i.e. she was at 4 degrees 12 minutes South latitude, i.e. on Gardner Island. Part of the transmission was garbled or Betty just caught the latter part of it  Question is: Why didn't AE just say that they were on Gardner Island?  Sure would have helped the "Searchers" look in the right quadrant.
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LTM   Harry (TIGHAR #3244R)

My notes on Harry’s post:
1. I also thought it was Betty who recorded the ‘281 message’ but Ric corrected my error, it was heard and recorded by the US Navy.

2. AE and Noonan, in all probability, were unaware of the presence of Gardner Island or even it’s name.  It’s position, on available charts of the time, was apparently incorrectly recorded.  Maybe one reason why the Norwich City ran aground in the darkness of night?  Gardner also lies close to three hundred miles off the bottom edge of the charts which it is thought AE and Fred were using! They were never heard to mention it as an alternative as far as is known.
Title: Re: Joseph McMoneagle’s Remote View of the Electra’s resting place Re-visited
Post by: Matt Revington on January 14, 2020, 01:35:10 PM
This page has the most extensive database of US military honors that I could find. I ran a search and found no mention of Mr McMoneagle for the Legion of Merit or any award.


Title: Re: Joseph McMoneagle’s Remote View of the Electra’s resting place Re-visited
Post by: David Williams on January 14, 2020, 02:16:31 PM
Matt, I can only refer you to member Bob Smith for his source, to ask him from where he got his stated confirmation of McMoneagle being listed as a recipient of the Legion of Merit.

Checking Bob’s profile I see he was last active in March 2016 so unsure if he is still with us as an active member and or still contactable.

Is your source valor.military times reliably exhaustive? Is it possible some people were not listed due to the nature of their profession, i.e. working for the CIA for example?
Title: Re: Joseph McMoneagle’s Remote View of the Electra’s resting place Re-visited
Post by: David Williams on January 14, 2020, 02:24:50 PM
In addition I will just say that Bob Smith’s post indicates to me that he was not a believer in such Psychic phenomena and he was being critical of the veracity of Seed/McMoneagle’s book and claims.  So he had a motive to check out any/all lists of Legion of Merit recipients to further refute the claims in the book.  Surprisingly though it seems he did find McMoneagle on a list.