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Title: Mili Radio Re-enactment
Post by: Ric Gillespie on December 27, 2016, 08:17:30 AM

Japanese Capture advocates Dick Spink and Les Kinney planned to return to Mili Atoll this month to continue searching for pieces of the Electra.  As described at http://kq2rp.tumblr.com/post/154381486965/assistance-requested-amelia-earhart-sos  they also planned to duplicate some of Earhart's post-loss transmissions.  I haven't heard whether they actually made it Mili, sent any transmissions and, if they did, whether anybody heard them - but the whole exercise is hopelessly amateurish, meaningless, misguided, and probably illegal.  It's not clear who was going to try to transmit but the transmissions were to be made on Earhart's primary daytime frequency 6210 kHz.  That's not a legal frequency for amateur transmission.  They asked people in the states to listen on 6210 but they seem to have entirely missed the point that all of the credible post-loss transmissions heard in North America were heard on harmonics of Earhart's primary frequencies.  They cite Nina Paxton as a post-loss listener who heard Earhart say she was on Mili atoll. Nina Paxton is an interesting case but she never said that Amelia named Mili atoll.  Nina made her initial report to the Ashland, KY newspaper on July 9, 1937 saying that she had heard Earhart on July 3.  We've judged that report to be credible.  It wasn't until 1943, after the release of Flight For Freedom, that she remembered that Amelia described an island that Nina, after looking at a map, decided must be " Mille (sic) or Mulgrave Atoll".
In 2015 TIGHAR member Lee Paynter made transmissions from aboard the expedition ship on a legal frequency near a harmonic of Earhart's primary frequency.  Lee has an amateur license issued by the Republic of Kiribati.  He got hundreds of responses from all over the world but we always recognized that this was just for fun and meant nothing about what happened in 1937.