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Title: Michelfelder and Thibert
Post by: Ric Gillespie on February 07, 2016, 05:35:10 PM
Not a 1930s comedy team, Louis Mitchelfelder and Robert H. Thibert were PanAm radio technicians who worked on Earhart's radios while she was in Miami. In his book Amelia Earhart - The Mystery Solved Elgen Long goes into considerable detail about what they did and why they did it to try to get the Electra's radios working.  The information is crucial to understanding the radio equipment and capabilities the Electra had for the second world flight attempt. The trouble is, Long is short (pun intended) on attribution. His description of what Thibert did - calibrating the direction finder - is cited to his own "personal collection."  Mitchelfelder is not cited at all. Elgen's account of what was done makes sense and tracks well with what we know from other sources but it would be nice to have primary source documentation.
Can anyone find a contemporaneous account (letter, newspaper article, etc.) describing what either of these guys did?