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Title: Video no longer available
Post by: Doug Giese on July 12, 2013, 11:09:04 AM
I use Firefox 21.0 and ESET and have had this problem with Yahoo in particular. It seems to be caused by some weird interaction between my Adblock software and the firewall.

I've fixed the problem a couple of times but really don't know why they worked. The problem seems to occur after a Firefox or Flash update.

Try disabling your firewall temporarily and see if that fixes the problem.

I fixed it once by opening a range of ports in my firewall. I found the instructions by searching the web (I can't remember what site it was - sorry). Type in the exact error message and see if you can find it. The ports opened for Yahoo news were - This fix worked for a while.

The last time I updated Flash the problem came back. I went into ESET and deleted the rule for Flash ("Deny"). Then when I tried to play a new video ESET prompted me for a new rule and I selected "Allow". My ESET firewall mode is "Interactive". The problem seems to be solved again. I don't see any video ads and the video plays.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with a definitive answer.