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odropach hardback copy of Finding Amelia comes with a complete resource library on DVD, offering one-click links from source notes in the text to PDF images of the actual documents cited. More than a gigabyte of information, plus links to updated modern research, is available for browsing or targeted searching. If you have a paperback copy, the DVD is not included; however, we will be happy to send you one for a donation of $25 towards the next expedition. You can also access the information on line here.

About the Notes

This Finding Amelia Resource Library is the most comprehensive collection of primary source information relating to the 1937 Earhart world flight attempts, disappearance, and search ever assembled. Most of the historical documents linked here have never before been published. All are either in the public domain or are reproduced here by permission.

EndNotes.pdf is a duplicate of the Notes section in the printed book. Notes that are linked to documents included here are underlined. Click on the underlined note to go to that document. You can also browse the various folders of documents using the Main Menu.

The Letters, Logs, Reports, Maps and Betty’s Notebook folders contain images of historical documents. Where necessary for legibility, the images on this DVD have been digitally restored. Where the original remains difficult to read, transcriptions are offered. In the few cases where facsimiles of the original document are presented, that fact is clearly noted. In no case has the content of any document been altered. Typographical and grammatical errors have been left intact and noted with “[sic].” In rare instances, irrelevant or personal information has been intentionally rendered in soft focus.

The archived locations of the original documents are listed in the Notes. To avoid any possibility that the digitally restored documents presented on this DVD might be mistaken for the originals, the images are not downloadable or printable and can only be viewed on this website.

The Jacobson Database folder is a multi-faceted compilation of primary source information assembled by Dr. Randy Jacobson. It includes a complete chronological record of all of the official government radio messages related to the Earhart flights, disappearance and search; a complete chronological record of the radio transmissions and receptions logged by the Coast Guard cutter Itasca and the radio operator on Howland Island; and chronologies of navigation and weather information drawn from the logs of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard vessels participating in the search. Please note: Links in EndNotes.pdf that connect to items in the Jacobson Database will take you to the correct page of the database. All linked entries are boxed in red but there may be more than one linked entry on a page. You may need to scroll down the page to find the entry you’re looking for.

This DVD also includes links to modern-day technical studies. These links will take you directly to the appropriate section of the TIGHAR website. The same is true of the link to motion picture film of Earhart’s final take off. While you’re on the TIGHAR website don’t forget to explore the wealth of additional Earhart-related historical documents, research papers and expedition reports. You can join TIGHAR by clicking HERE.

Please note: All materials presented here are provided on this web site as a matter of general interest and to aid in research by individuals. No permission to reproduce or transmit them is implied or granted. If you have a need to quote or reproduce these documents beyond fair use, you must have our permission in writing. To get that permission, send an email to TIGHAR with your full contact information, and complete details about your prospective use of the documents, including publications, exact quotations or images, and dates of publication.
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Betty’s Notebook

The Jacobson Database
U.S.S. Colorado
  Radio Logs
USCG Itasca
  Radio Messages
radio room
Radio room aboard a cutter of the same class as Itasca.
Letters and Memos

gardner island

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