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Lost Photos Discovered

A tin box has been found containing forty-five aerial photographs of Gardner Island (now Nikumaroro) taken just fifteen months after the Earhart disappearance and before the first official inhabitation of the island.

Matthew O’Sullivan, Keeper of Photographs at the New Zealand Air Force Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand recently stumbled upon an unlabeled tin box in the museum’s archives described in records only as “Unknown Island.” Curious, he opened the box and found five sheets of contact prints and a slip of paper with the words “Gardner Island.” We’ve worked with Mr. Sullivan several times over the years so he is well familiar with TIGHAR’s work. A quick comparison of the images on the contact sheets with Google Earth convinced him that the photos were, indeed, of Gardner Island. Some more checking confirmed that he has the original five-inch negatives. He immediately notified TIGHAR Executive Director Ric Gillespie: “I don't have a date but it will be early WW2 at the latest. … If this film proves to be of interest you may well wish to come here and examine it yourself.” He sent photos of the contact sheets and Ric replied:

These photos are a gold mine. I know exactly what they are. What you have discovered is the complete set of aerial obliques taken on December 1, 1938 by a Supermarine Walrus launched from HMS Leander in support of the New Zealand Pacific Aviation Survey. The scrapbook of photos you have shared with us previously are the photos taken by the land survey party.

We’ve had two of these images via the New Zealand National Archives in Wellington for a long time. We always reasoned that there must be more photos somewhere. You have found them. Some of these photos provide excellent views of areas on the island that are of particular interest to us. The fact that you have the 5 inch negatives is fortunate beyond measure.

We are delighted to accept your invitation to come and examine the negatives in person. Our forensic imaging specialist, Jeff Glickman, will want to take photos of the negatives with his own equipment. Jeff and I made a similar visit to Oxford University last year to copy-photo the Bevington Photo. We’re currently working out the logistics of a trip to Christchurch and I’ll get back to you with a proposed date as soon as we have one.

Congratulations on an amazing find.

Best regards,

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