World War II Japanese Aircraft
at the Old Colonia Airport, Yap State
Federated States of Micronesia

Site #3
Plate 4: Site #3.
This appears to be the remains of another Mitsubishi “Zero” fighter, this one a model A6M5B, which not only suffered damage during the bombing of the airfield, but has been substantially dismantled and removed in fairly recent times. It is within sight of Site #2, east of the eastern taxiway (latitude 9° 29.426′ N, longitude 138° 04.716′ E), and covers an area of about 100 square meters.

Little remains besides the left wing, part of the right wing, and perhaps five percent of the fuselage comprising the after part of the cockpit area. The left wing is badly crumpled, and its landing gear has been unbolted and taken away. The right wing has lost its aileron and wingtip. Spar caps are heavily corroded. The skins are riddled with shrapnel holes; lower surfaces are badly corroded, though top surfaces are in better condition. The remnant fuselage retains feed chutes for both large and small caliber guns (themselves missing), which help identify the plane as an A6M5B Zero.



Site Plan.

Site 3

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