The Any-Idiot Artifact

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TIGHAR Tracks, 1995, vol. 11
If we are really going to alter sixty years of public perception about what happened to Amelia Earhart we’ll have to come up with something that is instantly and intuitively conclusive. Whether it is a pair of Pratt & Whitney R1340 S3H1 Wasps (serial numbers 6149 and 6150), or Pioneer Bubble Octant serial number 12-36, or any of the unique features of NR16020 which can be directly matched to historical photographs, the physical object will have to qualify as what we have come to call the Any-Idiot Artifact.
Is there reason to think that such an object still exists on Nikumaroro after nearly sixty years? Yes. If we discover and recover it, will everyone accept it as proof? Probably not. But if most reasonable people are satisfied that TIGHAR has solved the mystery, that should be enough.