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c/n Mark Delivered Registration Condition Location Owner Date
1011 10A 21 Dec 1934 N4963C Originally delivered to Northwest Airlines as NC14260. USAAF 42-56638

1942-1944. USAAF impressed Jun 8, 1942. Redesignated UC-36A Jan 1943. To Honduras AF as FAH 104 in 1953. Sold in 1960 as N6106A.

Tucson, AZ Pima Air Museum

Pima Air Museum
6000 E. Valencia Rd.
Tucson, Arizona 85756"

23 Dec 2012
1015 10A NX72GT

Originally delivered to Northwest Airlines as NC14900. USAAF 42-57213 1942-1944. Commercial Model 10-A Electra impressed into USAAF Mar 14, 1942. Redesignated UC-36A Jan 1943. 42-57213 c/n 1015 Waterman Airlines NC14900. To NC14900 May 12, 1944. To Brazilian AF as 1002, then to PP-VAR.

Carries NR16020 and N1602D under wing. Modified from 10A to 10E configuration. Used by Linda Finch in 1997 to re-create Earhart's around-the-world flight. For sale (Feb 2012). Funds are being raised by the Seattle Museum of Flight to purchase the plane.

Hangared in Texas? Kristen Wolf, daughter of Michael Kammerer 23 Dec 2012
1026 10A N38BB Originally delivered to Braniff Airways as NC14937. Then N38PB. Was at Oakland AM. Stored with Fred Patterson in California as a project. May be airworthy. California Fred Patterson 23 Dec 2012
1037 10A 24 Sep 1935 NC5171N Originally delivered to Eastern Airlines as NC14959. On display at the

Science Museum, London

Science Museum, South Kensington, England. Science Museum 23 Dec 2012
1042 10E N1602D Airworthy. Ordered by Pan Am on 13 December 1933. Pan Am assigned this Lockheed Electra to Compania Mexicana de Aviacion, then to Pacific Alaska, registered NC 14972. This aircraft was later transferred to Panair do Brasil, registered PP-PAS. Only surviving 10E. In 1982, McGuire purchased the plane from the "Wings and Wheels" museum in Orlando, Florida. Update, 10 August 2016: Grace McGuire has sold or loaned the aircraft to the Atchison Amelia Earhart Foundation. Andrew McKenna worked out "the registration history for Lockheed 10E, C/N 1042 as gleaned from the FAA registration records." Atchison, Kansas Atchison Amelia Earhart Foundation 8 Aug 2016
1052 10A 19-Feb-1936 N57573 Delivered to US Navy. Non-airworthy restoration as Northwest Airlines airliner New England Air Museum Windsor Locks, CT New England Air Museum

35 Perimeter Road
Bradley Int'l Airport
Windsor Locks, CT 06096

23 Dec 2012
1076 10A N2405 USAAF 42-38342. Also NC20Y 42-38342 CF-BXE

N2405 WFU 2005. Stored in New Jersey. Only surviving C-36A. Certificate canceled 26 August 2011. Sale reported to Oklahoma zip 73125 before certificate canceled.

23 Dec 2012
1091 10A N241M Originally registered as NC17380. Also, OK-CTB NC17380 OK-CTB CF-BTB RCAF7656

NC79236 N79236 N241M Bata AS/Napajedla 22.04.37 This aircraft was bought new by Bata Shoe in 1936. The owner used it to escape the Nazis when they invaded Czechoslovakia. Flew with the RCAF 7656. Owned by Doc Almand of Texas from 1974-2010. Sold to overseas museum in 2010. Under restoration in U.S. Was at Denton TX (DTO) in past few years. Owned now 2012 by AIRCRAFT GUARANTY CORP trustee. Flies as RCAF 7656 out of Grand Prairie, Texas, USA.

JT Almand. 23 Dec 2012
1095 10A ZK-AFD Auckland, New Zealand Museum of Technology and Transport 23 Dec 2012
1107 10B VH-UZO In the process of restoration, the original Wright Whirlwinds were replaced by Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Juniors, effectively turning the aircraft into a Lockheed 10A. "Ansertes" was donated to the Australia Museum of Flight by Laurie Ogle in 2002. Bankstown, Sydney, Australia Yesterday's Air Force 23 Dec 2012
1112 10A CF-TCA Originally delivered to Trans-Canada airlines. Flew with RCAF as 1526. The last USA owner was Lee Koepke. In 1967 the aircraft was flown around the world By Ann Pellegreno to commemorate Amelia Earhart's flight in 1937. The crew on this flight was: pilot Ann Pellegreno, owner Lee Koepke, co-pilot William Payne, navigator William

Pohemus, who was retired from Air Canada. Air Canada purchased the aircraft from Lee Koepke on March 11, 1968 and donated it to the national Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Canada Aviation and Space Museum. 23 Dec 2012
1116 10A CF-TCC Originally delivered to Trans-Canada airlines. Airworthy. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Air Canada 23 Dec 2012
1130 10A N19HL Originally registered as VH-ABV in Australia. Restored and on display at Naval

Aviation Museum, Pensicola, Florida. L-10A VH-ABV RMA Gascoyne VH-ABV, VH-MMD, N4886V, N19HL Also, N3485. Restored and on display at Naval Aviation Museum

Naval Aviation Museum 23 Dec 2012
1138 10A ZK-BUT Originally delivered as NC21735 with Standard Oil. In 1947 it became N10Y with Creole Petroleum, and was modified to L10e standard. It was imported to New Zealand in 1958, and served with Trans Island Airways as 'Spirit of Tasman Bay'. This service was short lived as the aircraft was written off after a ground loop at Harewood (Christchurch) on February 18, 1959 and did not fly again. Used for firetraining between 1965 and 1967, the aircraft was passed to MoTat in 1968. Displayed as ZK-AFD at MOTAT, Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand Museum of Technology and Transport 23 Dec 2012
1145 10A ZK-AWR Ex-Alaska model 10, now in NZ being restored to to airworthy by Rob Mackley.

In 1998 a former Lan Chile L.10a (c/n 1145, ex CC226 'Diego de Almagro', CC-LGN-507, CC-CLG-0005, CC-CLEA-231, N10310) was imported from Alaska by Mackley Aviation for restoration. Built in 1941 for Lan Chile, this aircraft had been sold in 1959 to American interests and flown to Oregon. Moved to Alaska, the aircraft was impounded for unpaid parking charges and defaulted to the State. After residing in various museums, the aircraft was sold to Rob Mackley in 1997. Dismantled and shipped to New Zealand, the Electra is currently in Auckland.

New Zealand Rob Mackley 23 Dec 2012
3501 10A XC-35 USAAC XC-35 modified with pressurized fuselage. In storage. Garber facility, Maryland, USA National Air and Space Museum 23 Dec 2012