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TIGHAR’s oldest project, the search for Nungesser and Coli and the White Bird. TIGHAR’s investigation into the disappearance of the French flight which nearly beat Lindbergh’s across the Atlantic takes its name from a quote by the Lone Eagle himself who described the lost aviators as having “vanished like midnight ghosts.” On May 8, 1927, WWI heroes Charles Nungesser and François Coli took off from LeBourget Field near Paris aboard their biplane l’Oiseau Blanc (the White Bird) bound nonstop for New York. Had they succeeded, the subsequent course of aviation history would have been very different. Instead, a frantic but fruitless search for the missing flyers dominated the headlines until Lindbergh’s takeoff just twelve days later. The French tragedy set the stage for the American triumph. Read more...

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1984: Project Midnight Ghost Embroidered Patch
Before there was TIGHAR there was Project Midnight Ghost. In 1984, intrigued by the story of a Maine..
1987: Le Grand Raid de L'Oiseau Blanc
​The Great Attempt of The White Bird. In original artwork commissioned by TIGHAR and produced on the..
Le Grand Raid de l'Oiseau Blanc
TIGHAR commissioned this painting many years ago. This fine art print captures the mystery and the r..
Nungesser & Coli Disappear Aboard l’Oiseau Blanc CD
This TIGHAR translation of a 1984 French government report is the product of an exhaustive modern-da..
Project Midnight Ghost 1984 Patch
Before TIGHAR, before The Earhart Project, there was Project Midnight Ghost. We have just a few of t..
Project Midnight Ghost in Maine Patch
Working in the Round Lake Hills in Maine taught us our trade and honed our skills. This lovely embro..
Project Midnight Ghost TIGHAR Tracks Anthology CD
From the forests of Maine to the high muskeg of Newfoundland, TIGHAR’s search for the White Bird has..
1990: Project Midnight Ghost In Maine
Maine’s Round Lake Hills are shown below a nose-on view of The White Bird. ..
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