The Earhart Project

The Earhart Project
TIGHAR's Earhart Project spans 28 years and eleven expeditions to Nikumaroro, as well as many thousands of miles on research trips, thousands of documents read and analyzed, thousands of images processed, and thousands of triumphs and disappointments. We've recorded it all and the items below are the best of the best.
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The Betty Interview DVD
AVAILABLE ONLY TO TIGHAR MEMBERS. On an afternoon in July, 1937, Betty Klenck, a 15 year old girl in..
The Earhart Project Research CD
This is the first in a series of CDs for the serious Earhart researcher. Assembled and presented for..
The Earhart Project TIGHAR Tracks Anthology CD
Trace TIGHAR’s search for the answer to the Earhart riddle through the many articles which have appe..
William F. Harney Drawings
The files on the CD can be either Adobe Illustrator CC files, which are fully scalable and detailed ..
“Final Approach” Limited Edition Art Print
The approach is by the book. Airspeed is eighty miles per hour. Propellers are in low pitch. Throttl..
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