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Author Topic: Earhart newsreel stills  (Read 3807 times)

Ricker H Jones

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Earhart newsreel stills
« on: December 13, 2011, 12:44:21 PM »

The Critical Past web site Richie Conroy brought to our attention has a number Earhart related newsreel clips which have not been edited.  In addition, they have made available high resolution stills of some of the frames in each series.  (displayed below the video)  It's an interesting diversion to poke around and see a different perspective of events viewed in traditional photos.  For example:
The picture below was taken while disembarking from the SS Malolo in San Francisco following the Honolulu accident.  We can see the items each carried off the ship, with Harry Manning holding what looks to be a sextant box.  The US Navy octant?  Fred's preventer?  Interesting to speculate.

Paul Mantz is winding his movie camera in the next frame.  It makes one wonder if his Earhart related film is somewhere in an archive.

The next frame shows AE zipping a leather briefcase containing materials she planned to carry aboard the first World Flight attempt.  It was viewed by TIGHAR after zipper parts were found at the Seven Site when trying to identify items which may have been the source of those artifacts.  Also, a good view of the "message stick" used to communicate between the cabin and the cockpit of the Electra.

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