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Author Topic: Matter OF Discussion  (Read 1596 times)

Randy Conrad

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Matter OF Discussion
« on: September 01, 2018, 08:36:12 PM »

Ric.....Its come to my attention that Dr Tom King was asked to step down from Tighar membership from the Tighar board of directors. Can you shed some light on this please....This organization needs his expertise. Thanks

Ric Gillespie

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Re: Matter OF Discussion
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2018, 05:10:36 PM »

This is from TIGHAR Board Chairman Lee Paynter.

Statement from the TIGHAR Board of Directors

At a Special Meeting of the TIGHAR Board of Directors, held on Friday August 31, 2018, Tom King was removed as a director.  Six of eight directors attending, of nine total directors (since Tom chose not to participate) voted for his removal.  Although I personally requested he remain as an active and participating member, Tom withdrew from TIGHAR membership on September 1. 

Tom King had conflicts of interest with respect to his service on the TIGHAR board. In and of itself, conflict of interest is not necessarily disqualifying; but the primary responsibility of a director of any organization is, by law, to further the goals and welfare of the organization. Tom King had shown himself to be unable to subordinate his interests to those of the organization he was pledged to serve. 

Whether it is the confusion his independent Amelia Earhart Archaeology blog and his Earhart mystery-related works of fiction cause; his willingness to cut private deals with media outlets such as National Geographic and the Archaeology Channel; or his refusal to abide by TIGHAR's artifact collection and accession protocols, Tom used his relationship with TIGHAR primarily to serve his own personal and professional agenda.  These and other issues have been the subject of numerous communications to Tom by board members, only to be met with sarcasm and insults.   His participation on the TIGHAR board had become so disruptive as to prevent the board from being able to function at all. 

Many months ago, with the concurrence of a majority of the board, I asked Tom to resign from the board, but not from TIGHAR, for the good of the organization.  He initially agreed, if the board would make clear certain policies with respect to access and care of artifacts and research, and the administration of the Antiquities Management Agreement with Kiribati.  I wrote such a set of statements and resolutions.  They were unacceptable to Tom.  Another board member wrote additional versions.  They were also unacceptable to Tom.  Tom then submitted his own set, which were unacceptable to a majority of board members as being overly and unnecessarily restrictive.  At that point we moved forward with the process of removing Tom as a director, for the original reason of conflicts of interest.

Lee Paynter, Chairman
TIGHAR Board of Directors

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